Closer Look at the Madden 09 Sales

Official NPD sales numbers for August have been released and as expected it was Madden that dominated the month. A few days ago EA Sports president Peter Moore talked about the 6% sales increase and now we have the detailed breakdown. Dollar wise thanks to a shift towards the more expensive 360/PS3 versions as well as the Collector's Edition it was a bigger pickup than just the total sales would represent.

360: 1,000,000 (+103,400)
PS3: 643,000 (+306,800)
Wii: 115,800 (+20,000)
PS2: 424,500 (-219,100)
Xbox: Unknown. (-100,000 estimate)

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jack who3595d ago

360: 1,000,000
PS3: 643,000

DJ3594d ago

PS3's install base is starting to catch up here in the U.S.

Silogon3594d ago

You mean to tell me with 5 million more xbox 360's out there and it only sold some 300,000 more units?? WOW! That is pretty pathetic. Sony must be pretty happy with that system attatch rate, even more so for such an average game. EA is no doubt happy too.