1UP: Rock Band 2 Review

Review by Robert Ashley:

"When pimping his studio's ubiquitous band simulator in the press, Harmonix cofounder Alex Rigopulos is fond of calling Rock Band a "platform for music," like Apple's iPod and iTunes. In that sense, Rock Band 2 is more like a system update than a sequel. It's a collection of interface tweaks and non-earth-shattering new features designed to make the Rock Band experience more enjoyable and less frustrating. You get backward compatibility for all your downloaded material and 55 of the original game's 58 songs (after ponying up $5), an easier-to-navigate library, game-changing rule sets (the No Fail mode definitely makes drunken-party play less stressful for beginners), daily updated online challenges (Battle of the Bands), tougher, quieter, wireless hardware (if you're made of money), and, most notably, a couple of drum-training modes that teach aspiring pizza-delivery boys real-life drum beats and fills.

The real attraction here is the game's Sticky Fingers-like bulge of music. With 84 tunes on the disc (all are original recordings) and 20 free downloads form the online store, Rock Band 2 is simply the cheapest way to beef up your library. Not to belittle the selections here -- music taste is extremely personal, of course, and no matter what your preferences are, you'll likely end up despising 10 or 15 songs. But Rock Band 2's offerings are ambitious compared to the original game's lineup, with several major gets that would have seemed impossible just a year ago. Who ever thought they'd be able to play a classic Bob Dylan song in a videogame? Or "Psycho Killer" by the Talking Heads?"

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silverchode3475d ago

isnt this game just like rockband 1 except with new songs?

pwnsause3475d ago

Rock Band 2 Adds new modes not found in the original, Plus, PS3 Users get to enjoy what xbox 360 owners have been enjoying Since last year, Better online+ Voice Chat Capability.

barom3475d ago

What type of modes? All I heard was the no-fail mode and the practice mode.

Their new tracklist is very impressive compared to the first one though.

pwnsause3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

why disagree, the PS3 version of RB1 never had voice chat capabilities and the online portion was weak. go and play it and see what im talking about.

and yes it has a few modes, about 2-4 i think.

I might opt in for RB2 if GH:world Tour Sucks

PimpDaddy3475d ago

Have a bubble. I swear the fanatics on this site are getting out of hand. It's why I rarely comment any more. No matter what you say you get hit with the E. Honda 100 disagree b!tch slap and they take bubbles.

Heaven forbid you actually stated a fact. I just wonder which side of the lame fanboy war between PS3 owners and 360 owners you pissed off? Or was it both?

I never tried Rock Band for either my 360, PS3, or Wii. So I am going to give Rockband 2 a try.

Lord_Ash3475d ago (Edited 3475d ago )

" No matter what you say you get hit with the E. Honda 100 disagree b!tch slap and they take bubbles."

Dude I cracked up laughing thanks to you, here have a bubble.

and if you get Rock Band 2 on the PS3 send me your PSN ID, I play everyday.

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InfiniteUnfloppery3475d ago

Rock Band 2 will be a Fantastic Addition to my Growing Playstation 3 Multiplatform Game Collection

Montrealien3475d ago

where's your psn fakeboy? I'll score dual you at guitar on expert any day.

InfiniteUnfloppery3475d ago

I look forward to Browsing through the Song Collection on PSN,without a doubt I will enjoy the experience very very much

InfiniteUnfloppery3475d ago

Since playing Online is Free on the Ps3,I expect the Online Community of Rock Band 2 will greatly Embrace the Phenomenal Playstation Network

Montrealien3475d ago

enjoy it next month. I'll be enjoying it this week, true gamers aren't brand whores, and don't limit themselves to one console.

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