Can the Xbox 360 really beat the PS3 & Wii in the console war?

The Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 are currently engaged in one of the fiercest and bloodiest console wars ever, with a winner yet to be declared. With all three home consoles still in the running, how can you expect to pick a victor?

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cahill3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

PS3>Wii>>>x360 in WW sales at the end of this gen


Wii>PS3>>>x360 in WW sales
x360 will do around 35m lifetime AT BEST

PS3's european sales would easily offset x360's total WW sales by the end of this gen

UnSelf3568d ago

The 360 must first win in the war against itself.

The 33% War

Xwow20083568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

there is a lot of articles lately that just keep saying xbox360 will own because of the price cut.
it,s already cheaper than the ps3 and the arcade sku is cheaper than the wii,and still it,s being outsold by them in world sales EVERYMONTH.
price in not the only thing,there is VALUE.
i will say it again VALUE yes VALUE.
price is not everything.
but still xboxfans just keep saying xbox360 will sell more than the ps3,
like there is some kind of magic that will let the xbox360 sales explode this fall.

i will wait and see(and laugh):P

DavidMacDougall3568d ago

It will .............NOT!!!!

Ozzyb3568d ago

I approve. \m/etallica ftw!

Also, No, it will not.

marionz3568d ago

who cares? i play games not look at numbers

Monchichi0253567d ago

They have positioned themselves very well to do so. Not saying they will, but they have a chance.

And @1.8 _ The pricedrop is significant because it puts the 360 at the mass market pricepoint of $200. What that means is that the system can now be a impulse buy instead of a luxury buy. And don't gimme that BS about value because the 360 does offer the best value for a casual gamer.

All casual's want is a system to play great games on. And the 360 has already proven they have GREAT games. They don't care about Blu-Ray players, storage, HD and all the other stuff us hardcore gamers care about. Hence why the Wii is so succesful. It has A LOT less then the 360 and yet is still the best selling system!

theEnemy3567d ago

Hell no.

*Goes back in playing MGO*

potenquatro3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

and when the 360 wins in sales, all consoles will magically turn into 360's, and we shall all hold hands in the street when they all RROD at the same time. Hey MS, how bout making that new d-pad standard, LIVE rebates, cheaper rentals and games, hdd on core. That way your ambitions look more like a goal and less like a dream. Nintendo and Sony will sell more units, but I don't think they're the better systems.

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cahill3568d ago






PS3's european sales LTD would be enough to offset x360's WW installed base. bigger library = / Better library
In 2 years time there will be GOW3/MAG/KZ2/HEAVY RAIN/UNCHARTED 2/RESISTANCE 2/LBP/FF13 versus/WKS in the market

what has x360 got besides Halo wars perhaps if thats not canned. Alan Wake and SC conviction are good games but not BIG GAMES

King_many_layers3568d ago

I swear other than resistance you stated titles that are pretty much all guaranteed to be 2009 launches.

The way I see this whole thing going is:

the Wii will eventually slow down and become less desirable as the Ps3's price drops.
The 360 is cheap as allready and it so far hasn't been selling all that amazingly ( like the wii ) and we all think that they're going to go and rush out their next console within a few years. Also people's perception ( I'm talking average joe's ) is that the Ps3 is desirable and the Xbox is just the Xbox.
When the Ps3's price is dropped more there'll be alot more people jumping on the wagon and even more still when it's dropped further over time, which is why Sony's 10 year plan is so genius. They can actually profit from this and whilst microsoft releases it's next product the Ps3 will be cheaper and still highly desirable with great graphics and fun games, with a great library.
Microsoft can't really the drop the price much lower than it is and Sony's got plenty of time to drop the price.

I expect a LOT of wii owners to make the jump once the price goes down on the Ps3.

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-_-3568d ago

[[maybe the xbox 720 will do better,maybe it wont explode in your home]]

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3568d ago

;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D
;-D ;-D ;-D ;-D

If the 'xBox 360' doesn't beat the 'Wii' sales for this Month in the U.S.of.A then it's a FAILURE!!!

InfiniteUnfloppery3568d ago

Though,the Xbox 360 will indeed succeed in providing the most amount of Flops to the Xbots

KBDuB3568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

Woah.. I've never had so much fun and enjoyment from playing these.. "Flops" that you like to say the 360 has.

Please, MS, give the 360 more "flops!!!!" Yay.