10 Disappointing Video Game Releases Of This Generation

Disappointment is inevitable but when these disappointing games touched down - we couldn't help but feel slightly sad at the outcome.

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355d ago
MrRumpo355d ago

I'm going to agree on Watch Dogs, and don't imagine many would disagree, but you never know. I liked aspects of it, but I couldn't bring myself to finish it. Luckily, I didn't have to review the game, so there's that.

Chaos_Order355d ago

Personally I thought Watch Dogs was awesome, but I understand I'm in the minority. It wasn't a revolution in open world games, but I had tons of fun with it and played from start to finish, completing most of the side quests.

Unreal01355d ago

Yep same. There was such a hate bandwagon for Watch Dogs. Meanwhile I was playing it, enjoying the hell out of it and wondering what everyone was going on about.

xDealtwithIt355d ago

Going to have to disagree with Watch Dogs and QB but everything else on that list is spot on.

Kabaneri355d ago

1. Destiny
It has potential to be so much, but Bungie seems intent on giving us the least content possible.

Rich1631355d ago

I like Destiny...yeah...I'm weird, I know.

Unreal01355d ago

I like Destiny. I didn't like it very much when it came out though, Taken King made it relevant for me.

355d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.