It's all Fun and Games Until….Politics and Video Games in the 2008 Election

I love the video game industry and the community around it. Where else can people complain about games that aren't 60 fps (frames per second), or argue which console is better. But there are times when, we the gaming community need to put down the controller and band together. Our country is ready for a change. The international stage is no longer enchanted with the American Dream and we need to elect a leader that can help us progress. America is ready to change and what better time for the change to occur then in an election year!
According to the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) "The average game player is 35 years old and has been playing games for 13 years."(ESA), and "Sixty-five percent of American households play computer or video games"(ESA). Sixty-five percent of Americans have some investment in the video game industry. Thats a lot of potential voters! Now I in no way advocate choosing a president simply because of what they think about video games. There are more important issues to think about really, but it is nice to know where everyone stands on this years ticket for president.

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