Popculture Review: XBox 360 EA Sports Live Draft Tracker

Popculture writes: "This time of year is almost like Christmas for the fantasy football faithful as they get together with friends and participate in their yearly drafts. Slinging smack talk in anticipation of the coming NFL season and hopefully fantasy football glory has become a yearly rite of passage for armchair quarterbacks. I was invited to fill a coveted opening in a local fantasy league and I was thrilled to learn the group were drafting offline. I was told that the group drafts with a white board, keeping track on a computer spreadsheet and that they were investigating new options for this season. I had heard about the new EA Sports Live Draft Tracker and offered to bring along my XBox 360 for this year's draft. Since this was clearly going to be an upgrade over a white board, they agreed to each kick in a little scratch so I could download the 'game'."

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