Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Game Receives Trailer

The Game Awards were Hooked on a Feeling when the second the trailer for, Guardians of the Galaxy: The The Telltale Game, blew up like a Cherry Bomb onto the screen.

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PhoenixUp470d ago

Not to be picky, but of all the Marvel properties that Telltale could choose from why did it have to be Guardians of the Galaxy

badattitude3d470d ago

Tales From The Borderlands would like to talk to you.

PhoenixUp470d ago

What does that game have to do with anything

thetriforks470d ago

It was a sci-fi comedy with great writing.

So is Guardians of the Galaxy

Irishguy95470d ago

Cause almost every other Marvel series is littered with games and the like

CorndogBurglar470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

Name them please.

What other Marvel titles have games of any worth coming out or to have come out in the past 10 years? Aside from Spider-Man of course.

Avengers? X-Men? Daredevil? Punisher? Wolverine? Iron Man? Thor?


CorndogBurglar470d ago

Because Guardians of the Galaxy are awesome.

I've been a fan of the comics for years. Long before the movie. So this excites me. I only wish it was an actual game and not quicktime tell-tale nonsense.

But I'll give it a shot I suppose. I've tried The Walking Dead and Batman though and didn't like either enough to play last chapter 2.

So even though a GotG game excites me, i do wish it was something different.

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-Foxtrot470d ago


Established franchise which is popular - Copy - Paste - Done

I would have rather seen a full on third person action game

UCForce470d ago (Edited 470d ago )

I agree, but after what The Walking Dead Season 1 by Telltale game won GOTY back in 2012. You can say it the biggest influence of all industries.

Edit : @Foxtrot Well, I agree with you. But that how is it.

-Foxtrot470d ago

I don't know how the hell that won GOTY when you had things like Dishonored or Far Cry 3

Over praised to hell

You can find better stories in games like Bioshock or Last of Us and they are full on games you have complete control over and can explore for hours. Most things journalists "praised" in Walking Dead they criticised in a QTE like game such as Heavy Rain. Makes no sense.

TellTale are hacks in my opinion, they can't make anything original.

thetriforks470d ago

Man, you don't understand game development in the slightest.

How ignorant.

XXanderXX470d ago

Few tags seem to be missing - PC Android Vita Xbox 360
Xbox One - iPhone - PS3 - Mac

badattitude3d470d ago

Was it even confirmed for last gen consoles?

Batman isn't on it.

XXanderXX469d ago

All other outlets are confirm it .

XMessiah23x470d ago

I like the pick its not the most well known of characters will enable TT to use them with more liberities

MrCrimson470d ago

What's a shame is that wolf among us is in my opinion one of the best ips tell tale has and it's ignored for shitty rehashed pop culture shit.

CitizenFour469d ago

Agreed. Easily the best game they've made. Too bad we'll probably never see a season 2.

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The story is too old to be commented.