Did the Video Game Industry Finally Spring a Leak?

The video game industry has been on fire. For twenty seven months, a streak almost unfathomable in electronics retail, the U.S. marketplace returned double digit year over year percentage growth (via NPD). Every month had yielded a more than 10% gross sales improvement, every month until now. The August NPD retail report came out this week and it showed a surprise slowdown. In August, the industry grew only 9% year over year in the U.S. Many are questioning what happened and if it's cause for concern.

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BrotherNick3569d ago

I think it's mostly people having less money to spend right now. If Christmas sales are down overall I can see that maybe there's a problem, it's too early to tell.

xboxlj3569d ago

I think its probably a combination of a lack of great games that were available and people saving for all the excellent games scheduled to come out this fall and winter.

Pain3569d ago

Great things take time.

Only one spring a leek ie the wii's 'why i buy this feeling' and Slowing dying a ugly death Xbox 2...errr M$ in general...

cupogoodness3569d ago

August is generally a slow month for business, it's crazy not to expect big numbers this holiday season.