DEBUNKED: Diablo III Not to be Released Before StarCraft II

A rumour about Diablo III being released before StarCraft II recently appeared. IncGamers are calling BS through developer information.

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bigbluepig3597d ago

Yep, thought so. StarCraft II has a hard, 2009 release goal, per the developers. DIII? No goal...maybe 2010, maybe 2011.

RememberThe3573597d ago

I didn't think there was any question.

Leord3597d ago

I think what he meant was that SC2 actually got a date from Activision, and D3 is likely to be released 1-2 years later. Ergo: The "source" is way off. Same conclusion everyone else did, besides Diablo fanbois....

TheSadTruth3597d ago

So basically a rumor started by someone that doesn't work for Blizzard was debunked by another rumor started by someone that doesn't work for Blizzard.

Leord3597d ago

Reading your user bio:

"My Goal is to get ignored my as many people as possible without losing my bubbles."

Lol, good one =) Still, you fail at making people ignore you on this one ;)

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Leord3597d ago

I am just amazed it got a thousand digs on O.O

Terrice3597d ago

Yeah, how did THAT happen? o.O

theCHUNK3597d ago

Where do people come up with this stuff? Wishful thinking won't get us a new Blizzard game to play any sooner.

Terrice3597d ago

Well, we might get Diablo playable demo at BlizzCon, I'd be happy about that, but having D3 released in 2009 is a very vain dream...

DJDarkstar3597d ago

Hah, no offense to the D3 fanbois out there, but yeah there is no way blizz would step up production of a title started AFTER sc2, not to mention announcement dates, enough to have it released before sc2. Just not gonna happen lol.

Terrice3597d ago

Why do people even bother posting things that are obvious fake. Just a cheap way of getting attention...

Leord3597d ago

Yeah, I mean, they might have gotten 10k pageviews from that, or perhaps even close to twice that, but is the tarnished reputation worth it?

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