Fanboys Unleashed

When the Wii was released everyone got caught up in the idea of using the Wiimote as a light saber and now with The Force Unleashed making it's way to home consoles on Tuesday it's finally a reality. g1 Mandalorian30 is here to take it to a whole 'notha level with his latest short film.

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Mr BlueScreen3511d ago

I enjoyed that very much! Just goes to show that every one has there own preferences! And thats ok.

LinuxGuru3511d ago

This should be on BAD Joystick, not N4G

outlawlife3511d ago

totally agree, not really a post for N4g

nombon3511d ago

we is crap, who cares about pretending to wield a lightsabre. Plus the graphics for ps3 and 360 are way better