PS3 vs 360 will it be the price or will it be the games You Be The Judge: HipHopGamerShow 9/14/08

* NPD Numbers what they really mean?
* Incredible Hulk Review
* Nintendo Wii's New Periphial
* Kanye West Goes To Jail
* Much Much More Enjoy The Show

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Immaculate3326d ago

The 360 has both categories covered, the ps3 has neither. End of debate.

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Immaculate3326d ago Show
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Immaculate3326d ago

Wow, ps3 fans have a designated gatekeeper that's supposed to get the first comment in a story? Talk about being sad individuals.

Jamie Foxx3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

im having a joke and a laugh because if i took this soo called 'fanboy' war as serious as you then thats what would be 'sad'.

your comment saying ps3 has nogames is trolling pure and simple considering ps3 owners are going to be broke from game buying soon.

i like games simple, machine i prefer..ps3,do i play 360 aswel...yes, unlike YOU i dont fight tooth and nail for a faceless corporation who dont know you from adam but take your money they dont give you money do they?..thought not

i just play games.

think about it

blacsheep3326d ago

youn just got ur cute butt handed to you on a plate

well said mr foxx

Finch3326d ago

Im probly going to take a hit for this, but you are right with the games and price with the x360. The PS3 does have games now, but the price still aint there. The x360 has both going for it though!

n4gzz3326d ago

360 ain't cheaper if you went to high school and knows how to do simple math.

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power of Green 3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

I just picked up a new series 6 Samsung 46" LCD, I wan't the most out of HD gaming. The 360 isn't the "only console worth owning" but it is a better HD gaming Rig.

FIFA PICs, 360 on the left and the PS3 on the right.

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Genesis53326d ago

I suppose those without much money will by the 360. The people that can afford a PS3 will buy the PS3.

leeger3325d ago

OMG FIFA 09 looks better on the 360. Oh nos the PS3 is doomed, the PS3 can't handle HD graphics.

joydestroy3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

how do you guys believe the 360 has games covered?
Big titles left for 360:
Gears of War 2
Fable 2
Left 4 Dead

PS3 has:
Motorstorm Pacific Rift
Resistance 2

In my opinion, PS3 wins in the games category.
Also, it's debatable when looking at price. I'd gladly pay an extra 200 bucks for a blu-ray player, wi-fi and free online service. Right now my XBL subscription just ran out and I haven't even thought about renewing it yet. That's because of games like SOCOM and Resistance 2 coming out where I can play online for free. Just saying though. I think the systems are VERY close to being equal on all fronts this holiday season.

that 6 series is sick isn't it!?!? i have the 52" one and i'm blown away every time i turn it on.

power of Green 3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Of course you think the PS3 has a better line-up.

*Fable II
*Gears of War 2
*Naruto: The Broken Bond
*The Last Remnant
*Left 4 Dead
*Velvet Assassin
*Race Pro
*GTA4 Expansion N0. 1
*Viva Piñata
*You’re in the Movies/Scene It? Box Office Smash/Lips.

I don't think your PS3 fan point of view opinion matters, only offerings matter to the masses this holiday. All PS3 has for casuals is LBP ans MS2 lol

Now back to the SF vs SEA game *and* the NYJ vs NE game.

Lifendz3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

My dog says the game is "lion air." What is lion air? Did you mean linear?

JUUKENS HOT3325d ago

...finish him

you got beat down worse than ive ever seen on n4g

dang jamie that was killer

oohWii3325d ago

Honestly man,

I would rather buy the 199 360 for my son, and the get the magnavox blu-ray player for 258 at sams club.

This way he can play games in his room and not have to get off when I want to watch a movie. That also applies to whenever anyone else in the house wants to watch a blu-ray movie.

We're talking 458 for a standalone BD player and an xbox 360. This equals more entertainment for more people at the same time.

Lifendz3325d ago

but after you pay for Xbox live, a wifi adapter (possibly), rechargeable batteries, a future HDD to accommodate the games that will require it, and I'm not even going to mention the possibility of RROD, I think you're actually coming out much higher than you would if you just opted for a PS3.

But again, to each their own.

DOOMZ3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

The 360 has both categories covered, the ps3 has neither. End of debate.
If you cant see that, then your freaking blind!

uxo223325d ago

Although you make a great point, you totally missed oohwii's point. Since he's buying this arcade 360 for his some to put in his bed room, he's pretty much decided that he wasn't getting live and wan't getting a hard drive. You speak as if these things are mandatory.

One could also argue that at least with the 360 controller you will only have to buy batteries as with the sixaxes controller you must replace the entire controller. 11.00 vs 50.00.

Just a thought

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zo6_lover273326d ago

The rap seemed, unnecessary.

egm_hiphopgamer3326d ago

it's the hiphopgamershow i'm a hiphop artist it's apart of what i represent so yes sometimes it's necessary to show what i'm about on my show you feel me

zo6_lover273326d ago

Yeah, I see.
I just wanted to get to the regular part of the video, and I'm not a big fan of rap/hip hop

I agree with almost everything in the video

InMyOpinion3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

I love how you always talk about 1luv and god bless and then go on to promote violence on your show. Rapping about killing and aiming plastic guns at the camera while promoting the image of the gangsta rapper stereotype.

It's nice how you did shoutouts to all those PS3 websites at the end(, Playstationlifestyle?). It just makes you look even more unbiased and not-on-their-payroll =)

Can't wait to see your IwantaPS3forx-mas rap.

GameOn3325d ago

when can we see you on X-Factor?

oohWii3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

HHG Show Insights:


- When speaking of the PS3 HHG says "US or PS3" when talking about wii or 360 it's "They or Them".

- PS3 was "NEVER" successful at the "600.00" price tag.

- Wii dominating all three territories, so to compare the 360 vs the PS3 and say what you said is a straw grasp!

- Your All third party multi-platform vs 1st party systems argument is completely speculatory and completely WHACK. Talk about the things that "ACTUALLY" exist, come out of dream world.

- Dreamcast 2 would not be successful because of the lack of success of its predecessor.

- It's called peripheral not periphial (Use spell checker with pronunciation key.)

- Rumor has it that MS is about to loose RARE, not good business for a so-called journalist to SPREAD rumors you should be dispelling them. (Sloppy)

- Noticed 4 game shout outs, three for the PS3 1 multiplat (BIASED)

- In the hulk review, you destroyed a "hummer" not a "tank". Overall you didn't review it, we just watched you play and it lasted too long and was quite boring. Also Linear is pronounced "lin-ee-er" not "Line-er"

- Sade, was talking smack, I think HHG will easily beat her by 40.

- Very nice touch for giving Peter Moore a shout out, this shows growth. (Although are definitely a PS3 fanboy.)

- Why was your giveaway announcement to Sade for a PS3 controller or something for the PS3? Perhaps she would rather have a wii-mote (Shows bias)

- IF I'M SAYING IT, THEN IT MUST BE TRUE! Can't believe you said that, I totally disagree. If you're saying it, then it's "YOUR OPINION!"

Overall your show was entertaining, then again it was half-time in the football game when I looked at it.

I hope these tips will help you to strengthen your game.

Lifendz3325d ago

PS3 was the most successful console launch in history. The system launched at 499 and 599. I think that's what he was referring to.

Why is it that an actor can make a movie where he graphically kills dozens of people and then show up at a charity even and no one says anything but when a black man speaks about murder and holds up a gun prop for a camera it's considered to be negative reinforcement?

It's a show guy. No more, no less. Stop taking everything so seriously. I'm glad America's at a point where people can be considered people: one person does not have to represent an entire race regardless of their skin color.

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MrWonderful3326d ago

all i have to say this will be another great holiday for gamers. i didnt think they could top last year but i was wrong.

egm_hiphopgamer3326d ago

they went over the top this year man i'm gonna be spending alot of money this holiday that's all i'm saying

egm_hiphopgamer3325d ago

jenzo as far as that rap go dog it's entertainment and also i have had shows where i've done positive rap and videogame raps so like i said it's entertainment. also all those websites i know the people that created those website those people are my friends that's why i shouted them out. and as far as me being biased that's old and you must be really biased because you always try to stop people stories from getting out there stop being a hater and enjoy the consoles oh yeah 1luv and god bless

JoySticksFTW3325d ago

I personally think this fanboy / console war is funny and I think Jenzo and company are just trolling with a sprinkling of "constructive criticism". Heck, I've been guilty of trolling too ;P

But for the "stereotype" someone mentioned, I'd rather see someone rapping and reviewing games, then some of that some crazy fight club / gangX vs gangY bullsh!t that you can catch on the youtube.

Keep your head up, Gamer. And don't take it personal.

Just do your thing. Great show.

But one thing about the Warzone the other day... what's up with that guy talking about using his fingers with vaseline to lube himself up the other day?! What the... ?! eeeeeww D:

I was horrified but rofl at the same time! Watch your back on the Warzone! Er, and your front...

IHATEGOD3326d ago

Thats weird you usually don't see someone write an article, then defend their article in forums. But anyways who cares about Kanye West, didnt he cry and b!tch about MTV. He even said he will never be back on MTV yet look who was on the VMA's. I cant stand fake ass wanna be gangstas.

InfiniteUnfloppery3326d ago

It will be the simple fact that the Majority of American Households have already Purchased a Microwave

3326d ago
Pain3326d ago

But PS3 is a world Brand so its the number's game..when the World wants there PS3's they going to get it.

America wants a New FPS...well they already bought a XBOX so...

cheaper is never better its just cheaper.

BLUR1113325d ago

Ask the real game consumer or the average ps3 fanboy on N4G to be judge:

plus the XBOX 360 wins both price and games.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3325d ago (Edited 3325d ago )

Let me be the Judge!!!;)
'xBox 360...YOUR GOING DOWN!!!' ;-D

If the 'xBox 360' doesn't beat the 'Wii' sales for this Month in the U.S.of.A then it's a FAILURE!!! ;-D

(I KNOW!!! ;-D That's a fuuny thing i just said!!!It never could or never would!!!out sell the 'Wii'...It SHOULD DO??? IT'S CHEAPER???...We will see!!!) ;-D

juuken3325d ago

Uh-oh, don't let Ken be a judge. He'll throw all the bots in jail. xDDD

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3325d ago

I meant 'That's a funny thing i just said!!!' Not 'fuuny' ;-D
Please let me be a Judge juuken!!!;)

SirKenKutaragiShow 9/14/08;)

juuken3325d ago

I have made Sir Ken Kutaragi judge of the highest courts! >:3
He will begin work promptly. :)

mikeslemonade3325d ago

How about blu-ray and brand loyalty? Sony has the most loyal fans and has blu-ray.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3325d ago

Thank you;)
Ok, i am Judge...
'Death Penalty' for all xBot Lemmings on this!!! ;-D
ONLY JOKING!!! Ooooops!!! ;)

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