ExtremeTech: Sub-$100 Graphics Cards: Radeon HD 4670 and GeForce 9600 GSO Reviewed

ExtremeTech writes: "Some people just won't pay over $100 for a graphics card. It's a psychological barrier that factors big into retail sales, where an uninformed public will look at a card with 1 GB of RAM and a card with 512 MB of RAM and conclude that the 1GB card must be twice as good. Of course that logic is nonsense, and of course the $100 price barrier is artificial and doesn't do anyone any favors-you can often get something dramatically better for perhaps $20 more and be much happier with your PC's overall performance.

Nonetheless, the market for products at that price is very real and both ATI and Nvidia are addressing it with some new products. ATI moves their new RV7xx series GPUs to this low price bracket with the RV730, which will show up in the Radeon HD 4670 and 4650 cards. Nvidia doesn't really have something "new" so much as a re-branding and re-positioning of slightly older products."

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