Oops, Kotaku Call "Fake" Without Reading

Then there are two pictures, one of the modder's creation, one of the cheap Chinese knock-off. Both controllers look almost identical, as they would, as they are the same. They then added a poll asking if you think the modder's controller is real, or "Fake. He Bought the Chinese Knockoff".

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Killjoy30003592d ago

These guys are a bunch of unprofessional idiots. They're the equivalent of the new Gamespot.

thebudgetgamer3592d ago

but i wouldn't want to offend the unprofessional idiots in the world

therealwillie3592d ago

and 88% (at time of posting) of their readers are morons....

Final_Rpg3592d ago

Bit harsh don't you think? I have commented before on kotaku. I'd be offended if you were referring to me as part of that 88%. Most posters on Kotaku seem to have clear and intelligent comments on articles. I do agree though, their are some individuals on there that don't think before they write but doesn't every site that allows posts have people like that? N4g is far from an exception of this as well, there are many posters on this site that don't use their power to speak wisely.

It's part of every site, and they can be quite amusing some of the time don't you agree? Ignorance can be hilarious, though at the same time frustrating, but I think they play a role in these type of sites.

Dir_en_grey3592d ago

I caught Kotaku lied on purpose a bunch of times before just so people would argue over the article, all for the purpose of getting traffic.
They they would say "we are just a blog" when they are being confronted.
No, they get money for hits, they create traffic for money, and there are no morality in they way they do so.
At least at N4G people will have a sense of doubt when reading anything since it's user linked news.
It's sad that people who still go to Kotaku don't realize this and believe everything Kotaku posts.

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Calvin_ISA3592d ago

I like my Dualshock 3. I could care less about a modded controller, knockoff or not.

Final_Rpg3592d ago

Modded, yes I agree. But I would definitely buy one of these boomerang controllers if sony released them. I'm very interested to see in how they'd feel and function. I like the concept, though they seem quite large. Even if they are horrible, I'd like to be able to see how the design works out. Maybe I'd be to come to the reason Sony decided to can them.

PirateThom3592d ago

I vote Kotaku be banned from N4G since they obviously don't do a single bit of research.

Rob0g0rilla3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

Now I see why you don't like Kotaku.

They really earned the title of being idiots.

dukadork3592d ago

they deserve a huge whoopin

pwnsause3592d ago (Edited 3592d ago )

5th. Ban Gamedaily as well.

qwertyuiopasdfghjkl3592d ago

Kotaku is good for a laugh once in awhile, but Gamedaily is just plain crap! It's like a 3rd grader is writing every single article.

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The gaming GOD3592d ago

Unprofessional, Biased, and Baseless

Those three words describe Kotaku perfectly. This is just their latest stint.

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The story is too old to be commented.