PC Mag: Google Chrome Review

PC Mag writes: "With Chrome, Google set out to build a browser that's not merely a viewer for Web sites and pages but also a platform for running Web applications. This is hardly a new concept-Firefox's developers have touted their browser as a "platform" for a few years. But Chrome has a couple of new tricks that suit it well for use with Web applications. And its spare, "get-the-browser-out-of-the-way" aesthetic complements this goal, too. In developer-speak, the term chrome refers to the window borders, controls, and general eye candy. Google's browser actually aims to minimize these, so it might more accurately be called "Antichrome." The question is, do we need another browser when Internet Explorer serves most users just fine, Safari supports the Mac crowd, and Firefox warms the hearts of techie tweakers?"

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Ro11z3591d ago

how the hell can they review a product thats in beta ???

thats like reviewing a game when when its only 60% done ffs what a waste of time

sure have a look and say what you like or not but dont give a NON finished product a bloody score

LightofDarkness3591d ago

Not quite, at the beta phase (and ideally the alpha) a product is supposed to be content/feature complete. These are only final testing stages really, betas are often >95% complete.

Killjoy30003591d ago

I call BS on reviewing a beta.

I think these are just FF fanboys desperate to trash it.

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