Call of Duty: World at War - Ready to Take Over COD4's Place as the Number 1 FPS Game

Call of Duty: World at War is due to hit the streets on November 11th and looks to be ready to take the crown away from its brother COD4 as the most played FPS game for the next year.

Featuring the COD4 engine, developer Treyarch has gone back to WWII and added new Perks, tweaked existing ones (revives anyone...) and added such crowd-pleasers as flamethrowers, attack dogs and vehicles.

What Perks are there? What about weapons? Take a look at why COD:WaW has everyone talking and why you should start saving your allowance to buy a copy.

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BaSeBaLlKiD7213594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

#1 FPS??? nah, that will be already taken on november 4th... which is the release date for RESISTANCE 2

plus if it wasnt for trophies, i wouldnt pick up COD:[email protected]

Rick Astley3594d ago

I won't even rent COD: World at War. Never been a fan of realistic WW2 shooters, especially those developed by Treyarch. Looking forward to Infinity Ward's Sci-Fi FPS.

RememberThe3573594d ago

but, my expectation are not that high.

Torch3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Well, R2 is DEFINITELY what my PS3's gonna be chewing up, but don't forget that CoD5 is multiplatform, AND riding in on the coattails of the insanely popular CoD4 - giving it a tremendous amount of leverage against R2, which of course will be played only by those with PS3's and therefore admittedly place R2 at a disadvantage to take the crown...unless of course, CoD5 turns out to be a major disappointment.

As far as I'm concerned, R2 is personally my most anticipated game of the year, bar least until Killzone and/or GoW3 make their way into my living room.

cahill3594d ago

COD5 has no chance against Resistance 2

Yes it will be a great game But R2 will tear it apart
Gears 2 will also beat COD5

There is no way COD5 will end up fighting Resistance 2 and Gears 2

tgh machines3594d ago

Cod 5 will sell more then Geow 2 and R2 (not combined). It is coming out for the Pc, Wii, ps2, ps3, ds, and xbox 360.

joydestroy3594d ago

unfortunately, tgh machines is right. CoD5 would have to be total crap. i'm sure that wouldn't be hard since it's coming from Treyarch, but they already have the ground work laid out for them since they're using the same engine from CoD4.

uie4rhig3594d ago

i actually might buy this.. i mean:
"The COD4 engine has also been tweaked, improved enough to add more destructible elements to the game. Previously, you could shoot through cover in COD4 but you couldn’t destroy it. Now, with the tweaks made to the engine, you'll be able to actually create holes through walls big enough to walk through. You'll also be able to burn the environment with flamethrower, something Treyarch introduced back in COD: United Offensive. COD:WaW also introduces the ability to swim (good to have on an island...) and the ability to climb trees to snipe from and hide from the dogs (more on that later)."


"While Call of Duty: World at War is keeping a number of the COD4 perks, they are also adding some new ones (e.g., tank perks) and tweaking others. One of the most interesting, and likely controversial, will be the new version of COD4's Last Stand perk. In COD4 this would give you several seconds to try to take out the enemy with a pistol after you've been mortally wounded. In COD:WaW, it will be renamed Second Chance and it keeps the Last Stand's pistol opportunity but adds a new wrinkle. If you have a teammate with you that also has the Second Chance perk...he can revive you. "

sounds very promising :D but i guess we'll see about this game :)

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Stryfeno23594d ago

This title have to find a spot to squeeze into my budget because between Gears 2, Fable 2, Fallout 3, Left 4 Dead, and Banjo I will be broke.

Torch3594d ago

Fret not, because it's more likely that your system will be broke' before you'll even have a chance to be. :P

(To everyone else: My apologies...but I just couldn't resist taking advantage of that easy setup)

Montrealien3594d ago

no apologies needed, you have crossed to fantart line, and now will go to hell for sure. ;P And I bet that comment made you feel a little dirty, there's a reason for that.

DA_SHREDDER3594d ago

I can almost garantee that everyone that is saying they wont buy this game cause of Gears or Resistance will be playing this the most this winter. COD has the best gameplay for any shooter, and anyone who says it doesn't is just a plain idiot, or has never played a COD in their life.

Rick Astley3594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

"COD has the best gameplay for any shooter, and anyone who says it doesn't is just a plain idiot, or has never played a COD in their life."

Lol @ you. You really are a moron if you believe that.

Omegasyde3594d ago

Treyarch made great hits like cod3....Spiderman 3, and is the reason why Tony Hawk went downhill.

O well they did make return to castle wolfenstien (xbox/PC) but thies last works sucked. Out of the 25+ games they made only about 5 are worth playing.

So obviosly people are are expecting a Cod4 like expirience might be put down. They are better off getting resistance2/geow2

NewSchoolGamer3594d ago

and Resistance are going to be the biggest FPS this year.

Killjoy30003594d ago

Only to be followed by Killzone 2...

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