PC Piracy Survey being undertaken

The majority of game studios will tell you one of the biggest problems facing the PC market at current is piracy. Cascade-Gaming therefore is conducting a survey which will get input from pirates on why they pirate and how well they understand the issue. The survey results will be made public and then they shall shall give the results to game studios.

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Leord3596d ago

Unsure a noname website can make much of a difference, but for what it's worth, it could be a good idea to take the survey =)

Wayward3596d ago

The problem is big name sites won't touch the issue of piracy, they like to pretend only evil terrorists are pirates. It's a issue that needs addressing!

Majors3596d ago

I must admit to download a few pc games in my time but overall i think it helps companies sell more games.. For example i like my FPS and download (well used to anyway) all the latest games, the majority of them i enjoyed so much i purchased them so i could play them online. However there are a few games that are just too bad to buy and its these that im pleased i downloaded first. Ive now converted to console gaming because of all these DRM & similar infected games that either dont work or currupt windows in some way. The way forward i see is to make games cheaper and remove the copyprotection crap and just use the online cd key and ID login. That way they can still keep an eye on whats going on without inflicting damage.

Dpa3596d ago

Games aren't worth the money, hence piracy.
In the UK we have to pay the equivalent of about 90$ for a brand new game from a store. Why should hand over that much money for something that if it's not complete crap will most likely give me 5-8 hours of entertainment. Totally unreasonable, especially when your a student and can barely afford games anyway.

ReBurn3596d ago

Are pirates really going to respond truthfully to a piracy survey?

killalot1003596d ago

the reason i pirated back then is because theirs no way to rent a pc game. companies are really getting good at marketing crap games and buying pc games can really get expansive. most of all my games i rented then bought. pc gaming needs to trust customers a lot more to get out of this miss. i dont pirate no more but i also dont buy pc games with out a demo. plus to make it worse some times pc games are release in so glitchy and broken conditions its a complete rip off. games like stalker clear sky and mercs2 r just not doing there justice.