The Finest High Definition Gaming Console from 1989!?

DevonTheDude of PlayStationLifeStyle writes:

I never knew that that the term HD existed before the late 90's, seems that the PS2 and Xbox were not the first HD gaming consoles. Watch out PS3, you have some ancient HD gaming competition.

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GIJeff3568d ago

because i just noticed this the other day on my genesis. anyone know where i can get HDMI cables for my genesis?

DanB913568d ago (Edited 3568d ago )

why was this approved? This isn't news. I (and probably many others) have known this for quite some time

Sev3568d ago

When you submit "stories" it gives you the option of labeling it as news, rumors, previews, reviews, articles, etc.

Well this is an article. Its also an interesting read.

I for one owned a different model Genesis and it definitely did not say that.

mfwahwah3567d ago

This is a site for gamers. This is a nostalgic article relating old systems to current ones in a quirky way. I, as a gamer, enjoyed this piece.

Don't like it? Too bad, really. Not much you can do about it D:.

ReBurn3568d ago

I miss my Genesis. I had so much fun with it. Compared to the NES it was super-realistic. Heh.

Megatron083568d ago

Sega systems were always ahead of their time. Gensis 1st HD system. Saturn I believe was 1st system to use dual processors and DC was the 1st one to have an online gaming.

DarkBlood3568d ago

dream cast has online gaming now that is something i did not know about thats pretty cool

so what was the failure about dream cast did it lack something?

ThatArtGuy3568d ago

Too many add-ons to the Genesis. Poor sales of the Saturn. Bad management when Dreamcast was released. PS2 eventually crushed it.

PirateThom3568d ago

It's online network and system software were actually made by Microsoft.

XBox Live is basically a rebranded upgrade to SegaNet.

asyouburn3568d ago

it ran cd rom, and larger dvd games killed it

Klopek3568d ago

GD-ROM - but yeah, whatever.

slinkey1233568d ago

The games were pirated to hell and back, heck you didnt even need to chip or open it to play backup games..

Oh and it had a CD rom....

Megatron083568d ago

@DarkBlood actually the 32x and Saturn had a late to do with the downfall of the dreamcast and Sega. Sega made one of the biggest screw up in gaming history. They told the us to dev a 32bit add on for the gensis and told japan at the sametime to dev a stand alone 32 bit system. In the end they decide to only support the stand alone (aka Satrun) but by the time they told the us about it they were already to far in dev of the 32x to pull the plug on it so they were force to release the system. Sega then decided to beat sony to the punch with a surprise release of the Saturn making it the 1st next gen system at the time. However they only had a limited number ready so they only ship to a few select retailers. This pissed off many of the other retailers and they never went on to carry the saturn cause of it. 3rd party companies were just as up set to find out about the surprise release they didnt have their games ready to ship and like the retail store many drop support of the saturn cause of it.

So by the time the Dreamcast came out Sega was in serious trouble. The Dreamcast release was a huge success and it seem for a while that sega was on their way back. However EA who had promise sega they would support the dreamcast drop support before ever releasing a game on the system. Sony was taken completely off guard by the success of the Dreamcast quickly started a massive campaign hyping up the ps2. When sony enter the gaming business not only did they start up their own video game mags but they bought out most of the ones that were already out. So the Dreamcast took a back sit to all the ps2 hype. Sega pulled out of the race 2 years after the dreamcast was release and became a 3rd party software comapny

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Panthers3568d ago

Time to hook that sh*t up to a 50" plasma baby!

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