Legit Reviews: OCZ Flex II 4GB PC2-9200 DDR2 Memory Review

Legit Reviews writes: "With the advent of DDR3, DDR2 has lost it's luster for those looking for sheer speed. However DDR2 still offers the highest memory densities with decent speeds and reasonable prices. The OCZ 4GB Flex II PC2-9200 kit offers the enthusiast a taste of speed and flexibility while also including a healthy 4 gigabytes of memory for RAM hungry applications.

OCZ is one of the major memory manufacturers for the enthusiast community with a far reach into consumer RAM along with power supplies and solid-state drives. OCZ has completely embraced the enthusiast with their multi use heatspreaders and warrantied Extended Voltage Protection options for their memory modules. The OCZ 4GB Flex II PC2-9200 modules I have here today feature some of the highest frequencies on the market with CAS5 DDR2-1150."

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