MotorStorm: Pacific Rift Demo Impressions

Stallone1993 here giving you my impressions on the demo of MotorStorm: Pacific Rift. Please note that the build that was playable in the QORE issue 4, was a build from E3 08. IGN has a new build and posted screenshots, and you can see it is a lot better. Why had they selected an old build for the QORE issue? I don't really know, but it still looks very good at the old stage - it just gets better in the newer build is all I am trying to say. Anyways, check out my impressions in the full article.

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MAR-TYR-DOM3567d ago

wtf is up with these blog posts? Feed on PS3 is just a website where people post there blogs!

Stallone19933567d ago

What's your point? I was talking about what's available in the demo, kind of like a review. I see reviews posted on N4G all the time, so what's the problem now?

yaboi3567d ago

made the game sound good
so i hope it is
since i preorder it already

Microsoft_Spokesman3567d ago

The article was nice, but it didn't sound proper. The wording is weaker and doesn't seem too professional.

wAtdaFck3567d ago use those buttons to knock another vehicle off track, hence the quick nudge to the side.

InMyOpinion3567d ago

If Hiphopgamer gets approved, then this guy should get approved as well.

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rafaleon3567d ago

2008 - 1993 = 15 = average PS3 user age = Epic Fail

San anto3567d ago

lol jibberish to hell with you sir

Microsoft_Spokesman3567d ago

I don't like the fact that news is coming from a 15 year old, but it's untrue about that being the average PS3 user. Stop being blind, and go to XBL to see 15 year olds.

Rick Astley3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Your whole life is made up of Epic Fail. This is why you're here making posts like that. Does it make you feel better about your sad and pathetic self?

clearelite3567d ago

some of these blogs are more intelligent than some of the "professional" previews, TY

STEVIE_3567d ago

You clearly don't know what you are talking about.

Microsoft_Spokesman3567d ago

Not to offense stalone1993, but I'd rather read The Gaming Site, or PlayStation Lifestyle than a blog ran by a 15 year old.

Fowack3567d ago

I just happen to see this guy on alot of gaming sites, he uses the same avatar and name everywhere. i think i played with him on cod4 once too. i guess he has no life like me. But he is pritty young and also is quite involved in the gaming community for someone his age.

ukilnme3567d ago

Will the demo ever be available on PSN?

Rick Astley3567d ago (Edited 3567d ago )

Next month but lets hope that Sony puts up the newer build, not the one from E3 08 lol. This is why Sony pisses me off sometimes. Motorstorm 2 will be released next month and they're giving us old demos? Wtf.

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