How to Survive Disaster: Day of Crisis

By shaking, pretty much. Siliconera took a look at the videos up on Disaster: Day of Crisis' Japanese web site and put together an analysis of how to survive a 24-hour span that competes with anything on Jack Bauer's calendar for "what next?"-style mayhem.

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TheColbertinator3412d ago

Some screenshots of the game look awful.But I trust Monolith and they make quality games so Disaster will simply be another

TruthbeTold3412d ago

Sometimes this game looks very PS2ish. I wish that they had done a better job on skin and clothing textures. In any case, I've already resigned myself to this game being all about the gameplay and hope it lives up to Nintendo quality on that front.

TheColbertinator3412d ago

Yeah,the Nintendo seal of quality needs to make a comeback