Benchmarks Reviews: ZOTAC GeForce 9800 GTX+ Zone Edition Video Card Review

Benchmarks Reviews writes: "It used to be that if you wanted to overclock your hardware, you ran the risk of voiding a warranty. Supposing that you dared to accept that risk, your options were still limited by the cooling equipment available to you. So it stands to reason that ZOTAC is making huge strides with their ZONE series, which combines a silent liquid-cooled system to a 55nm GeForce video card. The AMP! Series is already a fan favorite because of the extreme speeds at which they are factory overclocked, and the ZONE series adds to this a dramatically improved water-cooling solution for the best performance with no worries of heat or noise. Benchmark Reviews tests the ZOTAC GeForce 9800 GTX+ ZONE Edition G92 video card against a comprehensive collection of competitors in this article."


+ Great AA/AF performance for hardcore gamers
+ Supports DirectX 10 and Shader Model 4.0
+ 740 MHz GPU / 1100 MHz GDDR3 vRAM
+ Integrated ZONE liquid-cooling solution
+ HDMI Audio and Video supported for HDCP output
+ Extremely quiet 120mm radiator fan under normal operation
+ Enables NVIDIA HybridPower technology
+ Easy to integrate other liquid-cooling components into the system
+ 16x Coverage Sampling Antialiasing (CSAA) algorithm
+ Supports triple-SLI functionality
+ Two-year ZOTAC warranty
+ 5 GBps PCI Express 2.0 graphics interface

- Performs exactly like other G92-based products
- Expensive enthusiast product
- Cooling radiator requires space for mounting
- Large footprint full ATX form factor VGA space

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