VGB: Crysis Warhead Review

VGB writes: "In Crysis Warhead, players will don the Nanosuit of Sergeant Sykes, also known as 'Psycho', one of the most memorable characters from Crysis. More brash and aggressive than his Delta Force squadmate Nomad, players will experience Psycho's parallel story during the events of the original game, finding that life on the other side of the island is even more intense and explosive than they ever could have imagined. Luckily, Psycho's Nanosuit is just as capable and he's equipped with an even bigger arsenal of fully customizable weapons and new vehicles, giving players access to the tools they need to dominate any situation. Aside from this new single player campaign, Crysis Warhead also features new multiplayer content."

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Winter47th3478d ago

Dumping Crysis and not patching it up was a bold and irresponsible move, hated Crytek for it, but all these shiny scores are tempting me for what little amount of bucks it's asking for, 30$ seems like a fair price, and all the promising reviews made it day 1 for me, plus, having it on STEAM is a huge plus.

Charmers3478d ago

Yep agree with you there. Already got my pre-order purchase of Warhead over steam. Just waiting now for the release date and hey presto will be gaming without even leaving the house to buy a copy.

I really don't know why Crytek didn't use Steam in the first place with the original Crysis, it's a mistake that probably cost them a lot of sales. However thankfully they have learnt the error of their ways and released both on steam now. That kind of behaviour deserves to be rewarded.

skullmcrex3478d ago

Seems the gameplay is actually decent now instead of the devs relying on sales through the hype surrounding its good graphics.

thor3478d ago

The gameplay in the original crysis was great I thought - the strategies involved with the expansive, destructible (well the cardboard houses were) environments and the nanosuit were truly something I'd never experienced before. The physics engine is as impressive as the graphics engine, with trees falling around you when you're being shot at and trying to hide behind them, buildings collapsing around you when someone tosses a grenade in. And also the atmosphere - no doubt the graphics had a lot to do with this - was top notch. I really felt immersed in the game, and the floaty alien spaceship level was fantastic, except the enemies really annoyed me by just swimming around and not caring I was there, I had no ammo :( and then they would leap at me at random times so I had to time my strength attacks, but the atmosphere was really something. My main problem was that at the end of the game I thought I was just about to play another section, when it ended. Not really an ending.

kwicksandz3478d ago

kill korean cloak, wait for patrol and repeat. the game didnt really get good till you discovered the kpa with suits of their own.

Harri44443478d ago

my pc sucks please crysis come to the ps3 i promes i well buy it on day one.