Tom Clancy's EndWar: Grab A Free Beta Key

GameXtract writes "Not too long ago we reported a chance for 360 users to rush over to Eurogamer to acquire a beta key into the VIP demo. I myself don't like VIP content partially because that means you need to be special, and I'm far from that. Especially an item like a demo should be available to all. In order to help satisfy more users who did not manage to receive a key we here at GameXtract are giving away 10 more beta keys in a raffle. It's as simple as registering an account, and posting a comment below with the account name. On the 19th we will draw 10 lucky winners, and their beta key information will be sent to your PM inbox on that account. The beta starts on the 30th so don't fret. You will be able to jump right in with everyone else, and actually feel special. Are you ready to conquer the world?"

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GCO Gamer3624d ago

I got into the beta a long time ago can't wait to play this game on the 30th.

rickyjb233624d ago

i got in to the closed beta i didnt think that much of it played it twice and then just left it took soo long to load.

pswiigamerx3624d ago

This game looks to be amazing i hope i can get into it!

mfwahwah3624d ago

I wanted to try this beta >.<

Lame that it's 360 only :'(

underground1413622d ago


I want to try the beta :)

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The story is too old to be commented.