Gamertell Original: Interview with OC Remix Delta-Q-Delta project leader Lee Barber

GamerTell writes: "If you are a fan of videogame music in any capacity, you owe it to yourself to check out OverClocked ReMix – a completely free-to-download site that offers some of the most professional sounding remixes (more accurately, re-arrangements) of game-based music anywhere in the world. Recently, the community-run site featured a full album of remixed music inspired by Doom II – titled Delta-Q-Delta, which was completed entirely by a small team of dedicated musicians and artists. recently had the opportunity to speak with the project leader, Lee Barber (aka "The Orichalcon") about the nature of "fan art", crafting professional-grade work on nothing but blood, sweat, and tears, and how the soundscapes of classic games like Doom II lend themselves to such varied musical styles."

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