GamesRadar: Rock Band 2 Review

GamesRadar is thrilled that Harmonix didn't try to fix things that weren't broken and add in silly things just to add bullet points on the box – the original Rock Band was nearly perfect already. And even if they know the setlist by heart, they still find themselves running to Rock Band 2 every week and basking in the intoxicating clamor of the in-game crowd's standing ovations. What can GamesRadar say? They love living the lives of a bunch of rock stars.

You'll love:
* Plays like an even better dream
* Ridiculously huge track list
* You can use your old gear

You'll hate:
* Not a huge leap forward
* No cymbals just yet
* New drums still aren't that quiet

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butterfinger3568d ago

I am loving every minute of Rock Band 2 so far. I got it last night at midnight, and I played it until 630 in the morning with 2 of my friends. That being said, I believe that somewhere between EA, Microsoft, or whomever, things got mixed up with the timed exclusivity. I wanted to get all of the new instruments, but I was only able to get the drum kit today after extensive searching (6 gamestops, 2 best buys, 2 walmarts, 2 circuit cities and a target), and I never found the new guitars or mics. Apparently Gamestop will have both tomorrow, but you never know how many they will get. I saw next to no advertising for the new RB2 on the 360 coming out today when I was going to these different places, and I even had an argument with a Best Buy employee about whether or not the game actually released today. I told the kid that I had the drums in my car as we spoke, and he thought it was neccessary to contend that they were the old drums. I was told by Circuit City, Best Buy, and Target employees that the game wasn't coming out until October, so I wonder if Wal-Mart and Gamestop are the only stores getting their 360 copies on time or what. Anyways, if you can find it, the game is still amazing, the online is ramped up, and the tracks are just phenomenal. I won't be putting this one down for a long time:)

Ice2ms3568d ago

Dude I wish I was you right now I can't wait till October when PS3 gets it. (I'll prob have to wait 'till November depends on the import company I use). Also I hate employees who try to argue with fact I had a Gamestop employee try to tell me that Rock Band Wasn't patched lately with GH 3 controller compatibility he also said HMX e-mailed him to tell him that no GH controllers worked with Rock Band (yesterday). One question for you though is the battle of the bands good ?

Enjoy it for me ;)

butterfinger3568d ago

but the battle of the bands is awesome!! Honestly, it will definitely be worth the wait if you loved the first game. I feel like Rock Band 2 is simply an upgrade to Rock Band 1 which has really spelled nothing but greatness to me. The battle of the bands is really fun, though, because a group of you and your friends can talk trash about a whole other group while whooping their @sses:P It's definitely MY ultimate party game right now:)