Destructoid review: Infinite Undiscovery

The Xbox 360 has been screaming for quality RPGs to fill the void left since Lost Odyssey. Japanese RPG powerhouse Square Enix has had some new titles looming on the horizon for a while now, and the first of its big release, Infinite Undiscovery, has appeared to take Lost Odyssey's baton.

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Johnny Rotten3538d ago (Edited 3538d ago )

"Infinite Undiscovery, however, serves almost to insult everything that the best games in the genre have ever achieved -- trampling over it all with clumsy footsteps and big, unwieldy fists. It is at best amateurish and at worse a slap in the face to its peers, exemplifying all that is wrong with the genre while portraying none of the good stuff."

ouch, that's harsh.

DarkBlood3538d ago

is this time exclusive or really only for xbox 360 if anyone can let me know that would be cool

DarkBlood3537d ago

then this will be my second 360 game after the tales rpg game lol