Samurai: We're Sure Nintendo's Very Happy Coming to India

The Angry Pixel writes: "Nintendo's recent interest in coming to India is certainly an odd creature. Their competitors Microsoft and Sony already have themselves grounded much before anyone even uttered to think what it would be like if the big N decided to join the fray. And even then, when you consider the console market in India isn't all that big to begin with, plus the reports of global Wii shortages this coming holiday season, and least we forget the rampant piracy scene that our country is known for – Nintendo's decision to come to India, to reiterate, seems awfully strange. Almost strange enough to have us think, 'Why even bother?'"

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thehitman3415d ago

just for the larger pic :)

Voozi3415d ago

Not the only one lol

And we're sure Nintendo's very happy to have such a lovely picture advertising their name

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you two are such idiots for clicking on this just cause of the picture. dont ask why im here ;)

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with that pic in the corner?