Cascade-Gaming's Thought on How to Save PC Gaming

The PC market is in disarray, sure it's not dying but a lot can be done to help it out against it's console foes. Cascade-Gaming goes though some of the most important ways it feels the PC gaming market could be saved, from automatic driver downloads to new styles of gaming.

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tomadonxl3450d ago

Controllers and complex combat systems. If most gamers are console fans that are used to playing with controller why not give them the option to play with what they are comfort able with. Also I would love to play a mmo that has more than two attack buttons and then a large skill tree of one button moves. W.O.W would be twice as big if the basic game play was more fun and intuitive. Face it game play like that would not cut in on a console.

RedVsBlue3450d ago

Forgetting about DRM would be a good start. If its one thing driving people away from PC Gaming is DRM. People want to own games they buy & not rent them

Wayward3450d ago

Agreed! I was going to buy spore after I reviewed it, then bang the DRM has stopped me from giving my money to EA. I legally wanted to buy a game, despite the pirates not having the problem, EA fecked us all over!

Dogswithguns3450d ago

Too much work to play games on PC. like, install the games. need a better graphics card. more rams needed. need a bigger HDD.... I dont mind dealing with this upgrading sometimes, but many people dont care for.

Wayward3450d ago

The problem is do you really have to update that often? I mean most games systems that where made when the PS3 first came out can run modern games, sure with lower graphics but with consoles it's forced lower graphics.

xm15e2s3450d ago (Edited 3450d ago )

I'm one of those people, Dogswithguns.

I have a modest setup (Windows Vista, 2 gigs of RAM, 160 gig hard drive, Athlon 64 X2 1.9GHz dual core processor and a Radeon HD 2400 XT card) and I don't even know if it's capable of playing modern games.

With my consoles, I know that any game made for the system will play on it.

frey3450d ago

Pc gaming always has great perks and what not compared to console gaming, considering the average gamer is over 18, why not spend some cash every year or so on small upgrades so you won't have to pay big when something like crysis comes out.

V0LT3450d ago

To help out I think they should stop releasing so many video cards so fast first of all..... If you really look there are so many vid cards on the market and unless you stay on top of things you could have no clue on what to really purchase. I say its just things like that is what makes it happen.

Wayward3450d ago

That would be the pefect reason to have a easier rating system. Instead of mhz games could say 'Requires Level 33 Graphics card' and the graphics cards could be sold in levels. Sure some hardcore gamers would still by cards by mame and power, but it would help so much

DeadlyFire3449d ago (Edited 3449d ago )

Its not so bad now really though. They release 1 generation every year and a few extra changes to that generation before the next year. Then around the same time in the next year another generation comes along. Its not rocket science to figure out which ones are fast cards and which ones are not.

Instead of cards having levels of ratings. I believe games should have levels of ratings stamped on them marking them as High-End or Low-End or something to that extent.