EA: Old Console Cycles Were "Painful;" Sony and Microsoft's Micro-Upgrades "Great" for Everyone

At the Nasdaq 35th Investor Program Conference in London, Electronic Arts Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen talked about the mid-generation console refresh.

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Lennoxb63478d ago (Edited 478d ago )

I thought that Sony said that they're still doing generations after the pro.

UltraNova477d ago

Generations with mid cycle upgrades, apparently.

Kingthrash360477d ago

Only way I'll be 100% behind this is if the new generation is a larger leap than the mid cycle.
Like ps4 is 1 is I need at least 8 or 9 for the ps5.
I'm still on the limb about the scorpio being a mid gen when MS has stated that
1. There will be no more generations with xbox
2. Phil saying they are not making a xbox1.5
This points at the scorpio being a next gen console with BC.....
But then they said the xbo will play all 1st party games.. (3rd party I'm not sure..I'm thought phil said something like 3rd party can make games exclusive to the scorpio/pc) so until I see more info that isn't clouded I can't say it's a mid gen or a full on new (they say there is no more gens but i cant see how thats possible without a pc style upgrading system.....
Only time will tell..

freshslicepizza477d ago

"But then they said the xbo will play all 1st party games.. (3rd party I'm not sure..I'm thought phil said something like 3rd party can make games exclusive to the scorpio/pc) so until I see more info that isn't clouded"

you know why its clouded? because you purposely want to make it cloudy. he never said such things, lol.

Obscure_Observer477d ago


I found funny when you mention Phil for mixed messages about the Scorpio when you don't need any information at all.

You seem to know more about the Scorpio than Spencer himself. I mean, how many times the man need to repeat the Scorpio is a mid gen upgrade?

Thing is you're desperate. Some of you are too unsecure about the fact the Scorpio will be the most powerfull console come 2017. You're lying to yourself when you claim power doesn't matter. I though you will be happy with your Pro by now.

Yet. Here you are

_-EDMIX-_476d ago

@Moldy- "he never said such things"

except they actually did as in MS.

If you going to say "never" ....look it up. That was legit like a 2 second google to find out

476d ago
freshslicepizza476d ago (Edited 476d ago )

"Last time I checked, a random executive from Microsoft named Shannon Loftis isn't a he, isn't Phil Spencer, and isn't head of the Xbox division."

exactly, and she later corrected herself. phil never said such things.

but of course _-EDMIX-_ did not want to give the whole story. once again trying to muddle and confuse scorpio purposely.

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PlayableGamez-477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

They are doing what Nintendo did with the New 3DS.
I don't have a problem with it as long as MS and Sony stills support the OG models.

_-EDMIX-_476d ago

They are...

This is just talking about mid gen upgrades. ie PS5 will come out, so will PS5 Pro, Slim etc.

AizenSosuke477d ago

I think whole generations are better to be quite honest.

Apocalypse Shadow477d ago

It is better to have whole generations in my opinion too. But if we were to translate EA's mindset, it would be "great for their pocket book lined with profits."

MatrixxGT477d ago

You mean line Sony and MS pockets. If anything it will cost more for EA to make an extra version just for the upgraded hardware no matter how easy Sony has made it. Still extra effort regardless.

bow2yoda477d ago

I agree... the mid cycle upgrades only is good for the companys wallet.

_-EDMIX-_476d ago

Only good for?

What about consumers who want something more powerful mid gen?

If it was ONLY good for that, it wouldn't be selling. For something to be good for a business in regards to making money, it must be good for the consumer to want to keep buying it.

bow2yoda476d ago

edmix. the problem is the companys are banking on the consumer that throws money like they just dont care. ps4 pro really isnt that much of an improvement... hell, it doesnt even have an uhd blueray drive. the xbox one s is more of an improvement... and that is sad

BizarroUltraman477d ago

Not if it means riding the same hardware for 8+ yrs. Some of yous need to get with the times.

bow2yoda476d ago

what good is the hardware when everything is programed for the old console and improvements only come in the form of a half assed patch?

mozzie477d ago

I am very happy they don't do full generation upgrades. I hope the Xbox One controller is here to stay because Microsoft has perfected it in my opinion.

BizarroUltraman476d ago

Its the best one out imo. And Im talking the regular models the Elites are top of the line.

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Hoffmann477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

When EA dislikes something, it was most likely because it was something good for consumers.

Remember that this is one of the companys that love microstransactions, tons of dlc and killed off a ton of good game developers.

GNCFLYER477d ago

I actually agree with EA about something.

I like the mid gen refresh. Keeps us up to date with tech and graphics. Also, during a gen I usually end up having to buy two consoles anyway due to one eventually breaking.

Keep all games compatible at the refresh. Then start a new generation after 6 or so years.

_-EDMIX-_476d ago

Thats a long gen lol.

may be 3 or 4 years at most, but 6 MORE years might be over kill. I know publishers would LOVE IT as they would have a MASSIVE install base, but developers would grow tired and demand more power to push certain concepts.

GNCFLYER476d ago

I should have clarified, I meant 6 total.

Like this gen sony gave us pro after 3 years, give us PS5 after 3 more..

_-EDMIX-_476d ago

Oh ok, no problem. That's Fair

Rich1631477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

If this becomes a permanent thing, then it will be better to just get a PC. If you gonna have to fork over 400$ then 3 years later another 400$.

bow2yoda477d ago

they told us a few years ago they wanted consoles to be like cellphones. problem is, its not good for us

Hoffmann477d ago


I bought my first "serious" gaming PC this July and find myself playing on it more and more now while my PS4 starts to collect dust.

Better graphics, much smaller prices for many games. Yesterday I bought Batman Arkham Knight for just 6 bucks, even the dlc was included. With the money I save through cheap deals I have probably enough to buy a better graphic card and cpu /motherboard in 3 years and still save a bit.

Rich1631477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

I've always been a console guy. However I just built my gf a gaming rig with the help of her brothers. I'm definitely going to consider switching over and doing one myself.

Ashby_JC477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

I did the same thing!!!

After hearing about the PRO and Scorpio I decided to go forward and build a gaming PC. I knew I wasnt interested in buying another console so shortly after launch. And i always wanted a gaming PC so I said eff it. Had a $1500 budget and havent had but one issue running a game (Fallout New Vegas - $6-9)

My console has been pretty dusty THE LAST 6 months!! After 11 years I didnt renew my yearly sub and havent thought about renewing.

There are pros and cons for sure...but the pros list is much longer in my short experience in PC gaming.

Nintendo4Lifex477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

And....... got batman arkam for 5 bucks with all the dlc and own it. Your point? Not digital .

n4rc477d ago

So much better to need a new $500 gpu every few years.. don't forget a complete Mobo/CPU/ram/PSU overhaul a year or two after that..

I don't see how you can claim PC to be the cheaper route with a straight face lol..

Rich1631477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

Nah man. If you do a 400-500$ GPU aka a top tier card, you will last 2 years at max settings minimum. And a complete rebuild at around 5 years. With minor upgrades like Ram in the middle which is so cheap. And you save a ton on games. Steam has like 75% off sales. They are crazy.

kraenk12477d ago

It's stupid to buy a 500 $ card. One class below for 350 is the best price to power ration which is a good investment every three years. Decent CPUs these days last around 5 years easily.

Vegamyster477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

$500 every few years? If you do that it's 100% by choice, not because you need to.

"I don't see how you can claim PC to be the cheaper route with a straight face lol.."

Higher upfront cost offset by cheaper games through Cdkeys, G2A, Greenmangaming ect + no sub fees.

n4rc477d ago

I'm Canadian.. even the 1070 is like 500 lol..

Never meant to say it's a bad choice or you wouldnt get more for your money etc.. simply that the $300 every 3 years is still less then you'll pay as a PC gamer.. not to mention the constant urge to upgrade, all the power to you if you can resist for years..

Didn't really factor in game prices as that's greatly dependant on the person but it's a valid point.. it may be cheaper over those 3 years if you buy enough games to offset the hardware costs..

Don't take me for a hater.. I miss PC gaming but I have...uhhh... Self control issues sometimes.. lol.. ends up costing me a small fortune

Movefasta1993477d ago

that's a lie.i still have an r9 290x lol and i can still do 60fps at 1440p high/medium.

Vegamyster477d ago

You don't need a GTX 1070, that card is overkill for 1080p gaming. A 1060 is sub $300 Canadian and will run the vast majority of games at high-max settings at 60 fps 1080p no problem. If you have a urge to upgrade that's not the platforms fault nor is it a negative, it's a choice that's not necessary.

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kraenk12477d ago (Edited 477d ago )

Tbh the combination PC and PlayStation has been unbeatable since decades more than ever. I would never want to miss out on those amazing exclusives.

Hoffmann477d ago

Absolutely agreed, and I will buy games like Tekken 7 next year on PS4 alone already because I know there will be a giant community for that game there while it won't be half as big on PC.

But when it comes to single player multiplatform games as well as indies, it makes more fun and is cheaper on PC.

The Xbox console is pretty obsolete now that almost all games are also on PC and Nintendo? Well..we have emulators for them.

BizarroUltraman477d ago


Xbox obsolete, ok buddy. Last I checked not every game was playable on PC.

kraenk12477d ago


There are like 4 or 5 old exclusives which aren't playable on a PC (yet). Forza 5, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive...I'm even struggeling to name them. From now on there won't be any XBox exclusives anymore.

_-EDMIX-_476d ago

Agreed. best combo bud!

I usually always have PC, PS and Nintendo handheld.

I've had this combo for YEARS and many generations and I don't see me stopping for a while. lol

MS putting all their games on PC has pretty much confirmed I'm never buying a XB (unless something changes) Nintendo making their portable their new default device is also confirming this combo is staying intact.

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Hoffmann477d ago

You built your gf a gaming rig but not yourself? about some true love here!

Rich1631477d ago

Her brothers built it technically...I just paid for it ; )

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GNCFLYER477d ago

Without all the arguments about cost, kbm, etc.

We just can't play the games from ND, GG, and the others. Its about the games and ease of use the consoles give us.

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