What EA's botched Spore launch could learn from Open Source

Cnet News give their view:

"If there is one thing that open source has taught us it's that there are "users" and there are "customers". Odds are that all of your customers will be users first, taking your software for a test drive and then deciding if they want to pay for it. It's all about getting people to consume your software.

The video game industry remains one of the last hold-outs in the war against consumption. Instead of encouraging more use, EA royally botched the launch of Spore with a seriously misguided DRM choice.

It's completely understandable that EA would want to limit the number of computers that you could install the game on. Every major software company has some kind of rationale behind their approach."

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Agent VX3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

I always hear about the death of PC gaming, and just roll my eyes. But if this DRM trend continues like what abortion Spore turned out to be, I guarantee that PC will die a quick death.

I like buying a copy of a game that I like for my PC. I haven't had an illegal copy of a game on my system for at least 7 years. But after reading the horror stories of the DRM issues with spore, and if I actually liked the game, I would definately, without even thinking, download a cracked version. Though, Spore doesn't interest me, but the communist DRM issue does.

I will not support companies that tell me how many times I can reinstall something on my own computer with software I bought, it's mine, and I can do what and when I like with it. Sorry, I don't spend $70 for renting software, I spend $70 to own it.


Freezingduck3593d ago

Yeah, I went to BT to spite DRM; I am not interested in renting a game for more than 5 dollars.

Wardog13683593d ago

This is a pretty ridiculous. I'm most likeley not buying spore now.