The Hidden costs of gaming

Digital Spy writes: "It's a well-known fact that the big three console manufacturers - Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft - all want your money. Once you fork out a few hundred notes for a console, they have you in their mighty grip, and bleed you dry with their capitalist agendas. In some cases, this can be as much as £300 over the next five years, not including essentials they don't include with the console. It's similar to hidden bank charges, except Watchdog's Nicky Campbell won't be fighting your corner - he'll be kicking your a*se at Halo instead.

Before we begin tearing apart consoles for their economic crimes, the SKUs (Stock-keeping Unit) tested are the standard ones - the basic Wii bundle (with Wii Sports), the 60GB Premium Xbox 360 package, and the latest 80GB PlayStation 3 with DualShock. Prices are the RRP, but you can knock off a few quid here and there if you shop around."

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Wardog13683511d ago

Not a bad article but why would you bother factoring in electricity?

DrWan3511d ago

exactly...not even a cost that will go to the game maker. that's stupid, plus new eighty gig uses less power from the smaller RSX. Everyone plays for different amount of time, so the electric bill will be different for EVERYONE. only dumb part about the article, never bother to explain how they came up with the math of the bill without mentioning length of use.