GameLemon: Opoona Review

GameLemon Writes:

"Opoona himself, despite being a chubby dude with a ball over his head, is actually kind of cute, and that fits in with this game's "RPG for everyone" feel. I was a bit confused as to why he smiles when standing still, but takes on a scowl every time he begins running, no matter where he's heading. You'd think he'd be happier, even though he's being forced to work... and not enjoying his vacation... and his parents are in a hospital he can't visit... and his sister is missing... and there are evil forces trying to kill him. Okay, maybe the scowl makes sense."

" All that being said, Opoona is quite enjoyable overall. Sure, it has some quirks and flaws, but not everything can be Halo or Zelda. The action is fluid and easy to grasp, the story features a few twists on some typical fare, and the gameplay is simple and intuitive (rats, almost made it through a Wii review without using that word!). If you like your games with a heavy dose of reading and some Twinkie-eating Jedi wannabes, this one's definitely worth a look."

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