Gamer 2.0: Rock Band 2 Review

"When Rock Band's price of $170 was announced in the middle of last year, many people wondered whether anyone would be willing to put up that kind of money up front for a game. With a consistent spot on the top sales charts, the answer was apparently yes. Why did Rock Band do so well? It's simple really; music brings people together, and Rock Band is a game all about forming a band and making music. It had all the elements in place to be a huge hit and it turned out to be just that. Since the game's release though, maybe fans have been giving feedback on what could have made the game even better. We're roughly a year from the release of the original, and most of these requests have been taken to heart in Rock Band 2."

Here's what seems to be one of the earliest reviews of Rock Band 2. Check it out.

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AlexQuevedo3416d ago

Can't wait to start playing the game myself. The best thing is, I don't have class all of Monday =)

I feel my arthritis stuff coming back haha. Solid review though

AmpedMan3416d ago

Thank the heavens they've made hammer-ons and pull-offs easier; it was probably my biggest grudge with the original. Can't wait to lose another couple hundred hours of my life to Rock Band.

Amadeo3416d ago

I got to play it at an EA event, and I admit. After I played it, and then later at an office party, I admitted I had a lot of fun. I don't really listen to rock music, but it makes me want to own the game regardless.

Gammbit3416d ago

I was rocking so hard with those EA dudes. I even managed to not fail expert bass on Hysteria. Where's my cookie?

JayTee09023415d ago

Excellent and detailed review, I'm pretty hyped about this, battle of the bands mode looks like a lot of fun.

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