Ghost Recon Wildlands Exclusive: Grand Theft Auto Meets Tom Clancy

Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Wildlands marks a new direction for the brand's genre, setting characters and so much more.

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ERFO597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

"Aircrafts" coming from a website called "we write things"

I guess they never specified that they write things good- er.... well.

I'm constantly looking for gaming articles written by people who take pride in their craft. Spellcheck ain't enough kiddos. Re-read and edit.

"Another aspect of tactics that’s influenced is by using your drone."


RuleNumber5597d ago

Aircrafts is the correct spelling...

Good call on that last sentence though, took it out.

Now before you get on your high horse about editing your work, EVERY website, EVERY publisher, EVERY developer and EVERY author has had a mistake in their published work. Whether it is a press release or it is a news story, everyone does it and they don't do it on purpose. It is the inevitable nature of being a freakin human dude. Relax.

hells_supernova597d ago

All major news sites here in NZ often have spelling errors and a lot of them!!!!!

Kryptix596d ago (Edited 596d ago )

It's aircraft, not aircrafts, just like it's deer, not deers.

You're right, everyone makes mistakes, that's why there's a skill called drafting to proofread before hitting that publish button. Google can help you find the right words. It's there, it's free, please use it to better your articles.

Also, I have played this game in it's pre-alpha stage a month ago. I'll let you know, it's no Grand Theft Auto, the driving felt a bit like Watch Dogs, I wanna say...bootleg? It had this bad handling to it & I hope they improve it cause that threw me off a lot.

Also, the combat is nothing like The Division, it's a step back as there is no cover to cover system. You move towards cover and it activates "lean mode." Honestly, this system made it difficult to figure what was cover and what wasn't.

Also the stories I got to play were very generic. Find out where boss lives, assassinate boss, rinse and repeat for every sector. Though, I did enjoy that every mission getting there, you can do it however you want. Stealth, action, vehicles, all up to you. For that given reason alone, I predict a 8/10 if they can fix the concerns I had, which I won't talk about since it was pre-alpha stage.

ERFO596d ago (Edited 596d ago )

Aircrafts is not a word.

*spurs high horse onward*

Lets go Petey!!

EazyC597d ago

If you are seriously looking for quality journalism in videogames, you have to buy a magazine. GamesTM and EDGE both have an absolutely fantastic standard of writing in them.

RuleNumber5596d ago

Just an FYI, I'm reading GameInformer right now and I just came across a typo in the Mass Effect Andromeda feature. That's right, even magazines make mistakes too. How everyone stop acting like 5 year-olds when a mistake is made and be a little empathetic about it. I know, that's a lot to ask of the Internet.

Derceto597d ago (Edited 597d ago )

Right, because GTA has to meet everything as far as Ubisoft is concerned. Here comes another broken, empty, soul less mess of an "open world" game from Ubi.

RCslayer596d ago

The Division was a great game. I love it. So if this new game has the cover system and action of the division. Ill be picking it up for sure.

AnubisG597d ago

I'm hoping that this will be good and not full of HUD as most Ubi games are.

RememberThe357597d ago

Honestly, not impressed. Ive been a Ghost Recon fan since those dope PS2 games, but this looks like The Division, and a downgrade from the original trailer. Similar to The Division, the first trailer looked sharp and fluid but the moment we see the gameplay it looks dry and boring. The Division was such a disappointment to me and I was hoping Ghost Recon would show the polish they promised with that title. Not so much.

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