Collector's Shelf: Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition

A look at the Final Fantasy XV Deluxe Edition for PlayStation 4.

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kevnb592d ago

The cover is so much nicer

phoenixwing592d ago

i'd recommend getting the editions that have the movie with them. You'll be way more informed of what's going on. I bought the standard edition because i bought the movie when it first came out.

Goldby592d ago

they should have packaged the movie with the standard edition, i can definfitly see how people could be at a loss of what is happening, why and who it is happening to.

On that note, i got the standard as i already own kingsglaive, and i swapped my book cover to the inside one. all black with the classic final fantasy logo. nothing more sweet than simplicity

Nyxus592d ago

I have yet to see the movie, I'm planning to do that soon.

rezzah591d ago

I don't recall this version coming with a copy of the anime FF15 Brotherhood. Best to buy Kingsglaive with a copy of Brotherhood and then pick up FF15 on it's own.