Honest Gamers: Undercover Cops Retro Review

Jackie Curtis writes:

"But I still love Undercover Cops. Maybe I've played so many of these titles I see what no one else sees; unmistakably, the winsome Flame and the slate-faced giants won't leave the same impact on the genre newcomer they did on me. Maybe none of this is really there, the endearing hyperbole an oasis only I can see. But there's something different about this one. There's something distinct, and intriguing, and I know it has to be true. There's got to be a reason I've reviewed beat 'em up after beat 'em up but couldn't quite put my finger on the pulse of this one until today. Undercover Cops is different yet very much the same, a staple yet an extravagance, an adventure neither black nor white but overcast in muted shades."

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