GamePolitics: EA: Just One Spore Account Per Copy, Despite Game Manual's Claim Otherwise

Already plagued by consumer backlash over Spore's ridiculous copy protection scheme, Electronic Arts faces renewed criticism from buyers who have discovered that only one user account can be created per copy.

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rroded3506d ago

yep if you bought this game you might want to look at getting a working copy off bt just google pirates bay
no activation no limit on accounts no bs

Agent VX3507d ago

Do not support EA and their Draconian DRM Deadly infectious "Spore" software, that will cause a great many of you to have to re-install Windows. And all the while, knocking off one token from the 3 you get.

This DRM issue with spore, basically means that you spend $60 on the software, but you do not own it, and EA will tell you exactly on how to use the product. This is an extremely disturbing trend, and is just a hint on how these big companies want to control your lives, and squeeze ever last cent they can out of you. Software, movies, music, games, etc....

pcgia3507d ago

not only crap like this, but EA has some of, if not the worst customer service around!