Top 10 Most Pain-Inducing Weapons in Video Games

Oh, the wonderful world of violence! Violence is a part peoples daily lives through direct and indirect means: news, reality tv, video games, movies, etc. Let's be honest, without violence life would be kind of boring. Think about it, would you rather play in a boring utopia or a cool, dystopic future like Mirror's Edge? Violence is best served on an entertainment platter, in the form of video games. Because in video games, you are the knife wielder, the zombie slayer, the gun slinger. 99% of the time, you get to play the hero or heroine destined to save the day, conquer the enemy, or simply reign supreme.

Each game has their unique, nifty weapons which act as an extension to the violence people thirstily crave! So bring the violence by choosing your weapons wisely. PS3 Informer has made things easier for you, by choosing their own Top 10 Most Pain-Inducing Weapons of Choice in video games.

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ape0073566d ago

turok 2 cerebral bore

GVON3565d ago

any list without that in it is a poor list

mfwahwah3565d ago

Before I read this, I was like "this better have cerebral bore."

This list lost all credibility by not having it.

Megatron083565d ago

Not sure a lightsaber be are that painful. It be about like being cut by a laser I'd think you could cut off an arm or something and sure it hurt but you wont have the massive amount of blood pouring out of you leading you to a slow and painful death like you would with a normal sword.

However the only 2 weapons I agree with on there are Scorpion's Spear and the Soulreaver

Final_Rpg3565d ago

Since we're speaking of hybrid weapons, why not consider the Gunblade from ff8. It's like the opposite of a lancer!! Plus renzokuken showcases the ability of such a fusion.

Horny3565d ago

there are so many Ratchet and Clank weapons that could have been on this list. Matter of fact the game needs its own list.

EastCoastSB3565d ago

Some blogger better make this happen.

InMyOpinion3565d ago (Edited 3565d ago )

Any of the bigger bomb drops in Mercenaries 2.

Or any of these...

LeonSKennedy4Life3565d ago

Those are cool deaths...

I just think there should be more screaming.

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