Exclusive MotorStorm vs M. Pacific Rift demo gameplay

Nice video comparing MotorStorm with Pacific Rift. Enjoy!

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InfiniteUnfloppery3264d ago

Once Motorstorm 2 is at 100%,we will witness the Best looking Off-Road Racer in the Video Game Industry

InfiniteUnfloppery3264d ago

How Sony could pull off the Best Off-Road Racing Game is still a Mystery

InfiniteUnfloppery3264d ago

....Or is it?After all,this is Sony and not some FlopCorporation

TheColbertinator3264d ago

The PS3 version is clearly superior over PS3 version.

tehReaper3264d ago

This guy has jokes. Haha.

azmanmanz3264d ago

Monster truck is awesome..

3264d ago