Guru3D: AMD 790GX - Foxconn A7DA-S Review

Guru3D writes: "You know, it's nice to see AMD slowly regaining its grip in the technology industry. After a disastrous year we can finally note some changes and more importantly, new products that are really appealing. Face it, the Phenom X4 revision B3 processors are pretty nice mainstream performing Quad Core processors to work with, and they're priced fair as well. Then the Radeon Series 4000 wiped the slate clean in performance and price, which was just awesome, yet the one thing that remained a bit of a worry is the more enthusiast targeted mainboard products. Admit it, AMD's mainboard were not very good at overclocking.

With the more high-end consumer in mind they released the new 790GX series mainboards. This mainboard is a lot about status, as AMD want to re-establish their status and performance levels for their products again. Hey, in the end, all you have is your reputation right? And for a chipset manufacturer that means top dog electronics."

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