Games May Be The Next Big Thing for Apple

Apple's emerging business model for games is proving to be quite different than the console games, and whether it will be successful is open to question. "The difference between Nintendo and Apple is that Apple treats content as a commodity and Nintendo treats hardware as a commodity," Billy Pidgeon, an analyst with IDC said.

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TheColbertinator3452d ago

But thats for the non-threatening Mobile Market.If Apple was to make a handheld gaming device,Nintendo would be a difficult enemy in the long run

Sanzee3452d ago

I submitted this article because of Apple's interest in creative handheld devices. iPod's took this generation by storm. Of course Nintendo would be a hard enemy to compare with. Even the PSP may prove an obstacle. But Apple has mastered handheld technology. Of course they've never been big into gaming. But with constant innovation and creativity, Apple could easily enter the gaming world.

Mobile Games could be a whole new type of gaming. I know that it's growing already but just like the music industry, Apple could have the same kind of effect on the Mobile Gaming Industry.

An Apple gaming device is highly possible.