Guru3D: ATI Radeon HD 4670 Review

Guru3d writes: "So then dudes and dudettes, you'll agree with me that AMD's ATI division is certainly on a roll lately. Today we are testing their new entry level product, which quite honestly performs at pretty reasonable mid-range performance and carries a stack load of features.

See it's like this, AMD took a couple of punches over the last year and a half, and really you can see them getting back on their feet. The processor market is slowly gaining it's confidence thanks to the latest Phenom processors, their chipset market is growing and ever since the release of the 4800 series product, the ATI subdivision have very large smiles on their faces, and they have the intention to keep it that way. The 4800 graphics card series is however not where the biggest chunk of money is to be made for AMD. Sub 100 USD products, that's where a lot of money is made as you can save a lot of money on components and design yet make good margins and volume in that segment. So to date there have been plenty of choices in that segment products wise, but never something really interesting from a price performance point of view for the casual gamers. And today AMD is trying to 'capture that flag' as well with the release of the Radeon 4600 series.

As stated the Radeon HD 4680 will roughly offer you last year's mid-range performance at 79 USD. With that amount of performance the card will allow you to flick on 4xAA and 16AF and still play modern games at 1280x1024 and maybe even 1600x1200. And for you as a gamer on a budget, is an immensely interesting fact for your feature and framerate budget."

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