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Left 4 Dead Q&A - First Details

You might not think about team-based online multiplayer going hand-in-hand with "survival horror" games--games like the Resident Evil series that give you only limited resources while pitting you against legions of horrible monsters, often in cramped confines. After all, classic survival horror games are usually single-player experiences because they're about your character being all alone in a hostile, zombie-filled world. But Turtle Rock Studios, a developer with credits that include Counter-Strike: Condition Zero and the Xbox version of Counter-Strike, is doing just that with Left 4 Dead. This new team-based game for the PC and Xbox 360 pits small teams of humans against "the infected," which are hordes of ordinary people transformed into mindless killing machines by a mysterious virus that has spread throughout the game's various environments. Gamepsot sat down with Turtle Rock's Michael Booth to get the first details. (Counter-Strike: Condition Zero, Machines, PC, Xbox 360)

DJ  +   2806d ago
never heard of it.
Marriot VP  +   2806d ago
I think anything that's not on the PS3 is complete crap. And anything the 360 has the PS3 also has, the PS3's version is way better.

this is living
TheMART  +   2806d ago
Or, better to fit this game:

'This is dying!'

For DJ it is

'This is waiting!'

And you can wait a long, long time, because it's PC/360 only
FirstknighT  +   2806d ago
DJ...You never heard of CounterStrike: Source? You never heard of Valve?

Paul...that made no sense. The facts have already been saying games looks better on the 360! But in true sony fanboy fashion, they just ignore the facts!
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Grown Folks Talk  +   2806d ago
paul was using sarcasm
sarcasm is wasted on this site. nobody seems to pick it up. and to dj, they just recently released any info on this game. you're probably not the only 1 who hasn't heard of it.
Marriot VP  +   2806d ago
I am to (DJ, Enforc, NJ) what colbert is to oreilly
Grown Folks Talk  +   2806d ago
i must have a forum stalker
that likes to disagree with every comment i make. so many people on here always want to call people idiots and morons, yet can't pick up on blatantly obvious sarcasm. pay attention to the posters instead of just jumping on the first person with a different outlook than you. what in paul's previous posting history would lead you to believe he's a sony fanboy?
Marriot VP  +   2806d ago
nah it's cool, I've made that mistake before
marionz  +   2806d ago
this has nothing to do with this story but....
any help would b cool, i got GOW collectors but i want a normal green 360 case to put the game in, anyone kno how i can get one? or does anyone know if i can get a scan from the inlay online anywhere? thnx
InMyOpinion  +   2805d ago
steal it...
Grown Folks Talk  +   2805d ago
go to your local gamestop or whatever
they usually have tons of extra ones for their shelf displays. they might give you 1.
SimmoUK  +   2806d ago
never watched the video when it was first announced and still haven't watched the video now it's been confirmed for 360, as soon as I saw the details I just though meh...
FirstknighT  +   2806d ago
Former Questionmark...
...Sarcasm is usually vocally oriented, sarcasm can be difficult to grasp in written form and is easily misinterpreted. What I like to do when using sarcasm is add a wink ;)...

...but anyway, we're talking about a game thats coming out from Valve! From the developers of CounterStike Source. I expect big things from this game. Besides, who doesn't like a good 4 player online co-op zombie game?
Grown Folks Talk  +   2805d ago
i don't know, haven't seen 1 yet.
maybe the mp willmake me like it more than dead rising. couldn't get into that 1 really.
power of Green  +   2805d ago
It makes sense to the folks that know these two guy's stance(including the two in Question).
specialguest  +   2806d ago
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Bill Nye  +   2806d ago
Kind of misleading... Turtle Rock didn't really develop CS:Source, they only made some Source conversions of the original maps (and de_tide, I guess).

So, I don't really find much reason to believe this will be good until we see more.
zonetrooper5  +   2805d ago
I downloaded the video from steam, steam rocks btw!! and it looks awesome but its only a teaser :( i'm gonna get this for the PC as i'm gonna get some more ram soon and a better graphics card. lol my Geforce 6200 is sooooooo bad.
Scrumptious  +   2805d ago
Just you guys wait!
The PS3 has far more exclusives and originals llined up for 2009 when developers start to truely harness the PS3's power!

I like the sarcasm theme today!
Marriot VP  +   2805d ago
2009? You've got to be kidding
FirstknighT  +   2804d ago
I didn't see the wink ;)
THAMMER1  +   2804d ago
Valve makes awesome games
I think this game will mess with your head more than the half life games. Great time to own a 360.
zonetrooper5  +   2804d ago
I swear i posted this news already lol. Thats weird.

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