PlayStation VR - Hold Off Your Urge to Buy One

Sirus Gaming's Editor-in-chief advices to hold off the urge of buying a PlayStation VR if you're considering one this Christmas.

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FunAndGun475d ago

Too late, already bought one and glad I did!

SmielmaN475d ago

Ya really. F that, I bought one day one and it's awesome.

Unspoken474d ago

Of course he is right. I'm holding off for a 1080 Ti or Vega to drive a 4K screen and Vive.

jmc8888474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

Bought one despite having a GTX 1070 and a 4k/60-1080/120 screen.

generic-user-name475d ago

Me too, Batman is awesome and I can't wait for RE7 and Farpoint.

CyberSentinel475d ago

Same here, farpoint looks like a next gen light gun game, and I really miss those old school light gun games.

S2Killinit475d ago

Loving mine. He should hold off on his own instead of telling others to hold off.

darthv72475d ago

Well I'm in no hurry to get one seeing as I just got the PS4 (3 years after it released). I figure there is a plethora of non-VR games to keep me busy until I find a deal on the HMD. I have played it though and it's cool so there is the potential for there to be some real standout titles by the time I get around to getting one. They will be there when I'm ready.

nitus10474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

I have not bought a PSVR yet since where I live they are sold out and I don't preorder.

I have no intention of buying a PSVR until I get a decent (ie. of 30 minutes) play on a demo one. If after that time I will be in the position to decide if I will buy one although only after it is available without preordering. Personally, I would rather get the PS4pro even though I already have a PS4.

As far as I am concerned the PS4pro is really good value for the money considering you get a SATA 3 bus (up to 600MB/sec), a 1TB HDD and an additional 1GB DDR3 memory for system applications.

Yes, I am aware that the 1TB disk is has a read of approximately 80MB/sec, however SSD's are dropping in price and even if I get a 500GB SSD say in a years time at a reasonable price that would be money well spent. I actually put a 120GB SSD in my FAT PS3 and it does make a difference with loading times.

generic-user-name474d ago

30 mins? Not sure that's a great way to decide. I mean what if you only try games that you end up not liking and not the ones you would?

GT67474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

I always wait until people start bit'ching on Youtube how bad a product is before buying.
at lease you get the Truth on Youtube about products.

bet million Dollars get disagreement .

UltraNova474d ago

So you basically base your purchasing decisions on the amount of youtube bitching? I bet you take youtube comments seriously as well...


nyctophilia13474d ago

I was just about to post the same thing! Zero regrets, its awesome and its fun when guests come over and try it out, they are always blown away.

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freshslicepizza475d ago

since so many think i am always negative about this i will say this, you will probably have to hold off because its hard to find one. i think it is selling very well. now watch as i still get disagrees, lol

Goldby475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

well when you put watch me get disagrees.

People are bound to take you up on the challenge.
i upvoted u on that one myself

Chug475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

You get all the disagrees because you're always in Sony threads spreading fud around. At this point I don't think it really matters what you say, people know better ;)

Edit: As for this article, I'm happy with my VR purchase despite there not being many full fledged games. I've been having a blast with it and so has everyone that's come over to try it!

SmielmaN475d ago

You get disagrees because of your rep Moldy. Same goes for a select few other non stop trolls.

Rimfro474d ago

But you guys rail on anyone who disagrees that Sony is God-Emperor of all mankind.

SmielmaN474d ago

Rimfro - if you can show me which of my comments ever stated that I thought Sony was God-Emperor of all mankind I'll agree with your comment. But I'm guessing it's just a greatly exaggerated, broad generalization that really doesn't display anything except your anger about why ppl don't buy the same plastic box that you bought.

1Victor474d ago

@Moldybread It's hard to find water with your eyes closed, my sister wanted the PSVR and although didn't get the launch bundle she wanted she found the regular one and bought all the other stuff separately because she played with my and tried the demos before launch

xDealtwithIt474d ago

You get disagrees because you don't compromise your opinion and follow the herd around here.

JackBNimble474d ago

He follows the Xbox Scorpio heard just like you do, but troll everything ps4 or xbone is going to get you a rep

cyber_daemonx474d ago

Agreed Moldy. Still unavailable on Amazon in the UK. If it was poor people wouldn't buy it.

HighlyDoubtful474d ago

Lmfao! This guy really thinks that he's a celebrity or something! Hate to break it to you but NO ONE CARES ABOUT YOU OR YOUR OPINION.

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Kabaneri475d ago

Im waiting for some bigger games to come out for it like the new Resident Evil.

ninsigma475d ago

That's gonna be crazy in VR! Can't wait :D

S2Killinit475d ago

FarPoint will be out soon with the launch of the Aim controller.

babadivad475d ago

Same. Most games seem like tech demos so far and are not worth the money. Hopefully RE7 is worth the price of admission.

Gamist2dot0475d ago (Edited 475d ago )

Hold off if you want, but if XWing VR turns out to be a hit and you want one but can't find one, you know who to blame.

Dec 6.

ninsigma475d ago

When is that releasing??

GamerAllTheWay475d ago

He did say "I hope Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One – X-Wing VR Missions will be great. Fingers crossed.", even if it's Star Wars, we still have this doubt that it might just possibly be a few minutes of VR Missions or even an hour. It's EA and DICE, what can you expect?

Raiden474d ago

Then buy it digitally in it.

cyber_daemonx474d ago

Looks like I'll have to get battlefront after all. Purely for the x-wing stuff of course.

formanbradley474d ago

X-Wing VR Mission, not Missions. Basically a cool tech demo to get bored with after one week.

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lipton101475d ago

I'm buying a PS4 pro before even thinking about VR. When I do things, I do them right. Hopefully some heavy hitting games hit the scene soon to truly take advantage of it.

Raiden474d ago

You see that's my problem with VR, I thing that most games will always be 30mins-90mins MAX, your eyes can't handle 4-6 or longer in VR, so yeah I don't hold out for bigger games sorry. Image Destiny COD FFIX and Fifa, the time we spend in these game what damages would we doing to our eyes, I think developers don't want to be SUED so they won't make the games any bigger, I could be wrong then again I could be right.

EverydayJoe474d ago (Edited 474d ago )

I dont know about for others, but I was amazed at just how comfortable it is on my eyes. Not just talking about the overall design of the headset, but how comfortable my eyes feel with the optics so close in proximity to the eye.

It is not like VR prohibits the wearer to blink or anything else causing undo eye strain. I'm pretty sure that Sony, HTC and everyone else that has headset have done some R&D on that. They don't want to get sued to kingdom come either.

I have no problem playing in VR for more than a couple hours. Also I have yet to play a game that is in the time that you have described on PSVR.

cyber_daemonx474d ago

@raiden, what damage? Where does it say vr damages your eyes?

First I've heard.