Star Wars Force Unleashed... Unleashed on the internet.

The highly anticipated title from LucasArts: Star Wars the Force unleashed has been released across all formats (X360, PSP, Wii) spanning the interweb. The game is due for release on wednesday but of course it will come as a big blow to the developers of this highly anticipated title.

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AllseeingEye3415d ago

I've never seen a pirated copy of a ps3 game. Note to developers.

PirateThom3415d ago (Edited 3415d ago )

No, because the limited number of Blu-ray drives in PCs, the limited amount and cost of Blu-ray burners, the cost of Blu-ray discs, the software on the PS3 its self and many other factors make piracy on the PS3 currently unviable. Plus, in many cases, PS3 games still take up more space than their 360 counter parts (be it duplicated data and so on), making even downloading them a pain.

frey3415d ago

You also forgot to mention uncompressed music etc. Downloading a ps3 game would be a major pain in the ass to pirates.

tatotiburon3414d ago

1.1 and 1.2 so you can explain to me why a can download all the BR movies i want from private trackers like a new BR movie rip is about 34GB, but BR blank discs it's only 25GB so this movie are only to watch in a PC with a virtual BR unit that can load the image file. Anyway a pain in the ass? wow man en europe i saw people with 20mb and 25mb bandwidth connections, here in south america our max connection is 16MB but it's to expensive but in europe is cheap. So my fiend if you have a 20mb bandwidth you can downaload a BR movie (32GB) in just 3 hrs, a pain in the ass? i don't think so..with less bandwidth, with 10mb just 6 hrs, with 5mb and this bandwith area cheap in the states and europe.

PirateThom3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

Most Blu-ray movies and many PS3 games come on 50GB discs now...

While you can do it, there's download limits you need to take into consideration.

tatotiburon3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

yes but this games and movies doesn't use all the 50GB, new movies max 35GB, nothing more and PS3 games use less space, the first image file of resistance 1 was only 14GB, no one have any proof that MGS4 use all 50GB and no one have any proof that this game doesn't use it, we have only the word of Kojima saying that 50GB isn't enough and we also have the disc check that somebody use in his PC and he saw that MG4S it's only 30GB, that news was post it here in N4G and everybody was "lame!! there is some many hidden files in the disc" but without proofs.

50GB blank discs are only matter of time...

rpgenius4203414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

PS 3 can play backups straight off the HDD. $175 will get you a 1 TB hard drive for your PS3. Uh you can get 50 GB bd-r discs by the way, but they are almost $50 each. I have seen the 25 GB discs for $15 a piece. If you have never seen a copy of a PS3 game you are not looking in the right places.

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micro_invader3414d ago

Was only a matter of time I guess, eh?

SwiftArsonist3414d ago

almost every game gets leaked. thank the imbeciles on some stores that sell the game before its release.

Crazywhitie3414d ago

Games and movies will always be leaked early to the internet, If the Game or movie is Good then they won't have to worry about sales, if they make it so you can return the crappy games/ movies then maybe piracy will slow down... PS3 hasn't been crack yet because Blu-ray Burner, bluray disc, cost way to much as of now...

cpuchess3414d ago

I wonder why the software industry doesn't go after them like the music industry did with people who steal music. Sure you will never stop it entirely but it would probably cause some pains for the thiefs.

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