Burnout Paradise is gaming perfection


"As Burnout Paradise finally arrives on the backwards compatibility list for Xbox One, we thought it was time to revisit this astonishing game"

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Kribwalker323d ago

My kid got every achievement but the online ones in that game and he has already started playing it again

Hoffmann323d ago

I disagree. Because Burnout 3 and 4 are better.

no_more_heroes323d ago

I put sooooo much time into Takedown back in the day...

Hoffmann323d ago

Tell me about it ^^ Still playing the games from time to time via ps2 emulator

Nyxus323d ago

Burnout 3 is still the best in the series in my opinion.

Hoffmann323d ago

Yarr. Burnout Paradise was what RE 4 was to RE and FFXV is for FF.

Maybe great games but not liked by many people that grew up with the first parts of their series.

superchiller322d ago

@Hoffman - You nailed it. Burnout 3: Takedown and Burnout Revenge are by far the best games in the series. Paradise was OK, but not nearly as good as 3 and 4.

SmielmaN322d ago

Burnout revenge was my fav. The free roam stuff didn't jive with me. I loved revenge. Played it every day on my 360.

cyber_daemonx322d ago

@Hoffman, agreed. Used to love crash mode, played it for hours couch co-op with me mates. Was gutted when it wasn't in Paradise.

Stogz322d ago

Agree 100%, I was honestly super bummed by Paradise, thought it was such a giant step down from those 2.

Venox2008321d ago

Agreed.. takedown and revenge in my opinion are the best burnout games

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UltraNova323d ago

On that note what's going on with Criterion? Wil they ever make a sequel to Burnout Paradise?

Hoffmann323d ago (Edited 323d ago )

Well..Electronic Arts happened and Criterion Games is now what Rare is to Microsoft. The important people left, a lot people were fired.

The co-founders left and founded Three Fields Entertainment back in 2014, their first game is Dangerous Golf which is pretty nice and used many ideas from the Crash Stages in Burnout 3-4.

In July 2016 it was announced that they started to work on a spiritual Burnout successor.

In short, Criterion is dead but the Burnout creators left EA and work on something good.

ps: Dangerous Golf is on a 50% sale at many places

UltraNova323d ago (Edited 322d ago )

Ok that's what i call an indepth answer, thanks!

So former Rare and Criterion employes are working on a Banjio & Kazooie and Burnout P. spiritual successors, respectivley. It goes to show that whenever big companies put their hands on talented devs they destroy them...(most of the time).

Good luck to both teams.

MilkMan322d ago

I love Burnout, I hated Paradise City. Still waiting for Burnout to make its debut on current gen consoles, but EA has these guys tied up doing BS games. You know, typical EA, the DEV-KILLERS

spicelicka322d ago

Burnout is the greatest racing franchise IMO. Revenge is my favourite, Paradise was amazing as well but i didn't get enough time with it.

My only concern with paradise was the turning, from what I remember your route wasn't highlighted like it is in most open world games, it gave you an indicator a few seconds before on whether to turn left or right. I always crashed because I didn't turn in time, was that something that could be learned? Was I doing something wrong??

ONESHOTV2322d ago

I agree I enjoyed the series on the ps2 up to the spin offs on the PSP but never really like paradise even though I have it on steam I only played it once and deleted it

jaymacx322d ago

Yeah Burnout is my favorite series for arcade racing. Takedowns are so much fun

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