New Sonic Unleashed Gameplay Trailer

Here is a New Gameplay trailer for Sonic Unleashed. You can judge for yourself if the game future hit or an epic fail waiting to happen.

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unsunghero283471d ago (Edited 3471d ago )

I hope we'll see a better frame rate than that in the final product. Hopefully it's just the video.

Don't get me wrong, some of those graphics are gorgeous. But I'm not in love with the FPS. The whole purpose of Sonic games is to give a sense of speed; if that framey gameplay is SONIC TEAM's idea of speed, then count me out.

Saint Sony3471d ago

I would take new 2D sidescroller Sonic anyday instead of this.

poopsack3471d ago

go play on your genesis then

Maldread3471d ago

I`m sure it will be better than the last (hard not to make something better than that), but they need a way better framerate than this.

Ratchet over this any day, but hope it can at least be decent.

wollie3471d ago

This will keep me occupied until the next ratchet future comes out (at least as far as platformers go)

admeister3471d ago

Lose the Werehog and I'd actually consider buying this. Maybe just a rental then.

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