Overclockers Club: Foxconn A7DA-S 790GX Review

Overclockers Club writes: "Keeping up with the recent explosion of new technology releases AMD has again brought out a new and interesting technology to test benchmarks which are made to increase performance and make our mouth water. Between AMD/ATI and NVIDIA there have been a flood of new motherboard chipsets that have stormed the market now more than ever before. Previously, we took a look at the 780G chipset from AMD, which gave us faster speeds and Hybrid Graphics support to boost performance and save power. Back then, I thought how could they top that? Well, once again AMD has taken it a step further with the release of the 790GX/SB750 chipset. So what exactly is the 790GX chipset? Basically, it is a refresh of the 780G chipset we saw earlier this year with a few new tricks up its sleeve."


* Onboard DDR3 Sideport Memory for Integrated Graphics
* Inexpensive platform with great potential
* Fastest IGP solution available on the market to date
* CrossFireX capable
* Supports latest 140w processor
* 100% solid capacitor/Ferrite Choke design for long life and stability
* Great at overclocking with plenty of headroom


* Northbridge gets very hot very quickly
* Limited USB ports on back panel (personal preference)

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