Overclockers Club: Palit HD4850 Review

Overclockers Club writes: "So many video cards, so little time to use them before the next crop comes due. ATI has a series of proven performers with the HD48XX series of video cards, having just dropped the HD4870X2 performance bomb on the world. Depending on the performance level there is a card in the ATI deck to match up with the green camp and fight them on a performance per dollar platform. The question is where do you want to spend your dollars? ATI or Nvidia? Each has its merits. The decision comes down to brand preference, manufacturer preference and feature set. Just what it can do. The problem is that with costs going up on just about everything the discretionary dollars you have available are shrinking so getting the most bang for your buck is on everyone's mind."


* Performance
* Quiet
* CrossfireX capable
* High Definition capabilities
* HDCP compliant
* 55nm technology


* Hot Hot Hot

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