Hot Hardware: Intel X25-M 80GB SATA Solid State Drive Reivew - Intel Ups The Ante

Hot Hardware writes: "There's an old cliche' that certainly applies to commodity semiconductor and electronics technology, as well as many other competitive arenas; "go big or go home". If you look at major semiconductor manufacturers, like Intel, AMD, Samsung and NVIDIA, you'll notice that they generally do not enter a new market lightly. In addition, they almost never partially resource a new market penetration effort. Timing is definitely key but it usually doesn't pay off to tread lightly when it's time to execute. It's simply a question of doing the business case analysis, justifying the ROI and then placing your bets. Go big or go home. It's all-in or sit on the sidelines and watch. And you know, when Intel decides they want in, the stack of chips they're playing with isn't the kind you find at the cheap tables."


+Fastest 225MB/s average reads
+Blazing fast <1ms random access
+Fastest real-world write performance we've seen to date
+Generally 2 - 3X faster than other MLC-based SSDs
+3-year warranty


-Expensive versus other MLC SSD drives
-Much more expensive versus standard hard drives
-Max 80GB density currently

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